Friday, September 30, 2011

Compare HTC Titan, HTC Radar

Windows has now launched the update of its mango mobile operating system, and we now see the first devices to filter on the market that run on that platform. HTC has a tradition of producing a good range of Windows Mobile, and it should continue with two new models ready for launch. Here we take a look at the HTC Titan, HTC Radar and see which model comes to mind?

HTC phones are still producing well constructed to look attractive, but never really grab your attention. This rule can be applied without doubt to the Titan and the radar as they are, without doubt, the two HTC devices. Exhibit the same rectangular design with rounded edges found in most business models. The two combined are impressive with their total depth measurements, particularly Titan, to 9.9 mm is one of the thinnest phones available. The Titan will offer a screen much larger than the radar of 4.7 inches and the unit not only measures up more width and height, but weighs 23 grams more than 160 grams. Despite its extra size and weight of the Titan is the most attractive of the two phones, a design point of view. The fact that also incorporates a larger screen is a real attraction of this model. 4.

7-inch screen offers high quality, 480 x 800 pixels, but thanks to the large screen size, which corresponds to one pixel per inch of scoring the 198th Radar HTC just on the other side offers a smaller screen 3.8 inches with the same resolution, but with the screen pixels per inch smaller on offer here is an impressive 245 means that the device could possibly boast the best image quality.

Internal storage is stunning as the HTC Titanand radar. Although neither model offers a card slot for external users must find the 16 GB available on the great Titan for all uses, including music and video storage. The radar has a lower capacity of 8 GB which means that the unit will not store many movies or expansive music collection. One could argue that this should not pose a major problem throughout the world in search of a true multimedia device is likely to opt for Titan's largest projects. The amount of space on the radar is a lot for the phone user, on average, however. These two models both operate on a single core processor power. The Titan offers the most impressive of the two chips with the 1.5Ghz range, which is twice the CPU power supply radar. It is worth remembering, however, that the radar does not need all the power that the Titan has its screen is much smaller and places less stress on the chip.

HTC phones have been two new high in the form of Windows and the Titan radar and look forward to seeing what the other models in the company to introduce in the coming months.


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