Samsung Continuum

Design The Samsung Continuum is a slimmer, more compact device than the rest of the Galaxy S family. It measures 4.9 inches tall by 2.3 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick, weighs 4.4 ounces, and has rounded edges for a nice fit in the hand and pants pocket. It has an all-black, lacquered finish, which is very sleek-looking but makes the plastic battery door a little slick and prone to smudges and fingerprints.The Continuum instead has two Super AMOLED displays the main one is 3.4" with a resolution of 480x800, and the second "ticker" display is 1.8" with a 480x96 pixel resolution.

Because of the difference in the main screen size (4" to 3.4"), but having the same WVGA resolution, we found that text and images on the Continuum look sharper and clearer.Ticker displaySo what's the ticker display all about? Well, it's a small, customizable window that streams real-time information from your social networks and your news, sports, entertainment, and weather feeds and acts as a notification area, with the idea being that you can simply look at the ticker display for quick updates rather than having to wake up your phone from its standby state.

How to choose the best smartphone in 2011

Talking about high-end smartphones people thoughts are very different.Most of them thinks that these type of devices are just with many useless features and other think that these type of devices are just brilliant. For example many of you are using gadgets which are just one particular task devices.Camera is the most familiar device and quite big gadget too with just excellent photos quality.

who are you ?
Now the interesting part, many of you thinking that high-end smartphones just can't compete with digital cameras. This particularquestion won't beanswered in one word because of difficulties in answer. What type of photographer you are? This question is most important.If you answered that you aren't professional photographer then why you should buy really expensive camera designed for this section of people which depends on extremely high resolution and quality photos. I'm an amateur photographer and I have no need to buy even digital camera designed for amateurs because of new impressive cameras build in these days smartphones. Images made by these cameras are just peas of quality in terms of colors, depth and details captured in one photo with so compact device like smartphone. Comparing digital cameras which are capable of doing just one particular task with newest smartphones which can do more then one task and still compete in one particular task and be more compact then it's opponent. But sadly newest smartphones are quite expensive and thats why digital cameras wins just for being cheaper. Thats not all what you should consider when you buy new smartphone. Leading edge phones are equipped with GPS, HD video recording capabilities and excellent gaming graphics.

10 Cell Phone Bestselling June at 2011

Krusell, the company producing accessories for various brands and types of mobile phones around the world to bring back the latest monthly list of best selling phones in the world, based on sales of accessories supporters.

In June, the first ranking of best-selling mobile phones are still occupied by Apple's iPhone 4 and followed by the Galaxy II's Samsung and Sensation, newest HTC Android smartphone just present in the Indonesian market.

Finding The Best Cellphone Rates

Previous to we all acquired your mobile phone, there are lots of varieties of stuff that you  have to contemplate. Have to try out to make sure which the mobile phone offers the excellent delivers for us. The main point is, we have to pick out a wonderful cell phone plans for us. We should try to look for several data which will allow you several probability to choose the right best.

May be the greatest cellular phone premiums factor included in the factors? To start with, we've got to be aware that the actual service provider with the cell phone features the excellent reputations. We'll get a few possibilities to search for several information on them by hitting many websites within the net.

The best company for you to sell cell phones

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Cell Phone Rates Which Are The Best

Cell phone rates are as varied as the companies that provide service. To compare rates, you first need to decide what features you want in your plan ranging from how many minutes you want per month to free text messaging. You should also take into consideration the area in which you live, as some service providers may not be able to connect with your region.

Alltell is one of the most popular service providers and is available in most areas. The company now offers the My Circle program which allows you free unlimited calls to any network anywhere. One rate for an individual plan was $49.99 which included 750 anytime minutes with a $.40 rate for additional minutes. There were unlimited night and weekend minutes and mobile-to-mobile minutes. My Circle with this plan included five people.

Got Signal Choosing the Best Cell Phone Carrier

In recent years, cell phone usage has sky rocketed. Consumer reviews and tech columnists have devoted volumes to the subject of which phone to choose. The loyal followers of the iPhone, the Blackberry, the Palm, the Sidekick, ect, have engaged in fiery online debates over which one is better.

Relatively little has been written, however, on comparing cell phone carriers. To a considerable extent, a cell phone is only as good as the carrier that provides the signal. We'll see here that evaluating carriers and their monthly plans is every bit as involved as reviewing the cell phones they run on.

J.D.Power and Associates have reported that the quality of *all* cell phone services has become so consistently high across the board that there was no longer a reason to even own a "land line" anymore. Paradoxically, ask any of your friends about cell phone reception horror stories and they'll have plenty of fireside tales to tell you. J.D. Power and Associates also asserts that call carrier customers who did not have their complaints resolved by customer service were six times more likely to switch carriers. And in fact, this happens all the time. If one isn't satisfied with one's cell phone, it's easy enough to get another one. But dropping a cell phone carrier is another matter. The advent of phone carrier contracts with cancellation penalty fees has largely come about to combat cell phone carrier dissatisfaction. Even the advent of 3G Networks, which was announced with great fanfare, still has not quelled a considerable percentage of cell phone customers that are not happy with their carriers. According to comScore Networks, one in four cell phone customers are not satisfied with their wireless carrier. With such an astonishingly large statistic, it's clear that cell phone signal technology is still in its adolescence. Keeping this in mind, let's now compare carriers.

Cell Phone Plans and How To Choose The Best Plan For You

Cell Phone Plans and Service
Cell phones are more than just convenient communication tools: They allow you to check e-mail, sync with the calendar and contacts on your PC, dial a number by the sound of your voice, surf your favorite Web sites, take photos, play games, send text messages, view and edit documents, listen to music, and more. But choosing a phone--and the service plan to go with it--requires some legwork.

Your choice of phone may depend on your choice of wireless service provider. If you're shopping for a carrier, you first need to figure out which carrier offers the best coverage and monthly service plan in your area. Then you'll have to select a phone from the assortment that your chosen service provider offers. With the exception of a few handsets, most phones work only on one provider's system because carriers have mutually exclusive networks, and many carriers lock their phones so you can't take the same phone to another provider.

The third generation of mobile communications technology, commonly called 3G, is now more widely available. It's supposed to boost data-transfer performance to 2 megabits per second from the more common data-transfer rate of 19.2 kilobits per second, and is particularly handy if you use a phone to wirelessly access data such as e-mail, text messages, and the Web.