Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to choose the best smartphone in 2011

Talking about high-end smartphones people thoughts are very different.Most of them thinks that these type of devices are just with many useless features and other think that these type of devices are just brilliant. For example many of you are using gadgets which are just one particular task devices.Camera is the most familiar device and quite big gadget too with just excellent photos quality.

who are you ?
Now the interesting part, many of you thinking that high-end smartphones just can't compete with digital cameras. This particularquestion won't beanswered in one word because of difficulties in answer. What type of photographer you are? This question is most important.If you answered that you aren't professional photographer then why you should buy really expensive camera designed for this section of people which depends on extremely high resolution and quality photos. I'm an amateur photographer and I have no need to buy even digital camera designed for amateurs because of new impressive cameras build in these days smartphones. Images made by these cameras are just peas of quality in terms of colors, depth and details captured in one photo with so compact device like smartphone. Comparing digital cameras which are capable of doing just one particular task with newest smartphones which can do more then one task and still compete in one particular task and be more compact then it's opponent. But sadly newest smartphones are quite expensive and thats why digital cameras wins just for being cheaper. Thats not all what you should consider when you buy new smartphone. Leading edge phones are equipped with GPS, HD video recording capabilities and excellent gaming graphics.

Video Recording
HD video recording capability is just crucial when you want to capture important moments for life time in really good quality. Most important thing is that you can take your new smartphone from your pocket and forget old bulky camcorders forever. What is most important that the quality of HD videos taken with phones are brilliant. Short trips in new locations are familiar to everyone and the feeling that you lost and don't know were you are is not very pleasant feeling at all. Thats why GPS (global positioning system) is that feature you want to be able to use when it is needed.

If you like watch movies and music clips on the go then you definitely like the fact that cellphones now are really good at it. High resolution screens with many more useful features makes this experience more pleasing then ever. Movies downloaded from internet or captured with device it self now look more attractive to eye.

The mobile gaming is important too. Now mobiles have more and more processing power and one thing is clear that the gaming section is growing too. Newest games for smartphones look like couple eyers old games mobile version of desktop games. And this is just the start of gadgets evolution. The final decision is up to you.


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