Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cell Phone Rates Which Are The Best

Cell phone rates are as varied as the companies that provide service. To compare rates, you first need to decide what features you want in your plan ranging from how many minutes you want per month to free text messaging. You should also take into consideration the area in which you live, as some service providers may not be able to connect with your region.

Alltell is one of the most popular service providers and is available in most areas. The company now offers the My Circle program which allows you free unlimited calls to any network anywhere. One rate for an individual plan was $49.99 which included 750 anytime minutes with a $.40 rate for additional minutes. There were unlimited night and weekend minutes and mobile-to-mobile minutes. My Circle with this plan included five people.

For a comparable plan from Sprint, this company offered 700 anytime minutes at a rate of $69.99 a month. This plan included unlimited nationwide direct connect and unlimited nighttime and weekend minutes as well as mobile-to-mobile. Additional minutes had a charge of $.45 per minute..

T-mobile, another popular wireless provider, had a rate of $49.99 for 600 minutes. They offered unlimited nighttime and weekend minutes as well as unlimited mobile-to- mobile. The company offered MyFaves unlimited minutes. Myfaves is similar to My Circle and includes unlimited calls to five people. Additional minutes were only charged $.20 per minute.

Verizon only offered 450 minutes in their individual plan at a rate of $39.99. This plan included free nighttime and weekend minutes but mobile-to-mobile calls were charged at a pay-as-you go rate. The company also charges you for text messaging. The rate for additional minutes was $.45.

For a 900 minute individual plan, Alltell charges $59.99 and increases MyCircle to include 10 people. All the rest of the anytime minutes and rates remain the same. Sprint offers 900 minutes at a rate of $69.99 while T-mobile offers 1000 minute plan at $59.99 while the rest of the both of their plans remains the same. Verizon offers a 900 minutes plan at $99.99 and their rate for additional minutes decreases to $.40 per minute.

The highest rated plan that Alltell offers is 6000 anytime minutes at a rate of $199.99 per month. The number of people in MyCircle increases to twenty and the rate for additional minutes drops to $.20 per minute.

Sprint offers a plan for 4000 anytime minutes at $199.99 per month. The only difference in the rest of this plan from the less expensive one is that the rate for additional minutes falls to $.40 per minute.

T-Mobile offers a 5000 anytime minute plan at a rate of $139.99 per month. The rest of the plan remained the same as the less expensive plans.

Verizon offers an Unlimited plan for $139.99 a month. This plan allows you unlimited calling anytime anywhere, which eliminates all charges for additional minutes. This plan also offers all other services such as text messaging for free.

By comparing the above rates, it seems that for regular individual service Alltell may be the wireless provider that you may want to choose, while for the maximum amount of minutes for a reasonable price, you may want to go with Verizon. In the long run, the choice is yours.


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