Friday, September 30, 2011

HTC Sensation XE Vs Samsung Galaxy Note

In recent years there were two mobile phones that have really stood out from the crowd by way of Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. We can now host the next generation of these models with the release of Sensation XE and Galaxy Note. We look around the two long-awaited phone to see if Samsung still has the upper hand.

Casting their eyes on these phones for the first time would have been very difficult to pick a favorite between these devices. Both phones offer a modern and elegant design, with some enhancements to the previous generation models. Note: Galaxy has a simpler structure of the two appeared flat and straight edges. The design of this phone is very simple, but that's part of its charm, and equipment to maintain the comparison with many of the most extravagantly designed rivals. Feel XE uses the body as the original model, but it is flavored with the addition of a few things that stand out from a body flashes Crimson darker. Capital letter "B" phones on the rear panel: the presence of sounds and rhythms of engineering no longer rely on the overall project.

None of these devices can be described as compact phones thanks to large screens in them. Galaxy Samsung offers Notecertainly with its larger screen mammoth 5.3 inch AMOLED Super. A screen of this size should be supported by a resolution of heavy and Samsung has done themselves proud in this area by giving the phone a high quality of 1280 x 800. This means that rather than lose the quality by adding some extra size of the device provides a higher level than many of its counterparts in smaller screen with a pixel per inch count 285th HTC Sensation XE sticks with the same size screen as used in the original model. The 4.3-inch S-LCD is able to offer a high quality 256 PPI rating of 540 x 960 screen resolution. Both models use capacitive touch screens to control highly reactive and also supports multi-touch functionality so great, as Pinch and Zoom.

As might be expected from two premium handsets both devices offer fast processors to ensure that operations are both responsive and acted with great rapidity. Note Sensation XE Galaxy and run dual core chips with the HTC models offer a bit more powerful than the 1.5GHz 1.4GHz chip unit mounted in the model of Samsung. It really is little to choose between these two models in this department with both devices offer high-speed performance on all tasks, including games and Web browsing.

Samsung Galaxy Note and HTC Sensation XE phones is of high quality based on the original models of phones are still the market leader. HTC leads in size and sound quality, but Samsung proves the best quality phone screen and features.


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