Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Micromax X395 With Dual Sim Card

Micromax mobile phones are new and are designed to ensure that buyers will be provided with the best kits to appeal. There are a number of brands who returns to the market that offers several impressive offerings to potential buyers. One of them is the new Micromax X395.

Micromax mobile gadgets that concluded the charm of a buyer, with so many options and devices for the consumer to choose from. The brand has earned a great name in the mobile industry and has taken note of recent and future trends in the mobile market. That's why in each handset launched by the same name, is a marked improvement and glamor better than before. Micromax X395 is one of such offerings and the aim of injecting a new experience of mobile phone use. Micromax mobile prices in India was shot in the value and, therefore, suits the budgets of 60 percent of the population of India.

If you are looking for your best deal in the price list Micromax Micromax X395 mobile will impress you with its details and prices. This new mobile phone supports dual SIM card, and have developed 3-way motion sensor 3-axis color and back panels. You'll love this elegant and stylish phone to the factor to allow the shaking, turning Micromax X395 Cabriolet and switch between SIM cards, change the music and even set your phone on mute during incoming calls.

Micromax Mobile is only intended for entry-level group, and sports 2.2-inch QCIF TFT display (nHD), a maximum of one color. It is super hoping the girl and the other young women candy bar style frame, which weighs only 86.7 g. Micromax Mobile Prices in India is set to hit all the price lists of other brands as well as offering the latest technology at very low prices. This phone is also an award-winning 2.4-inch TFT display, and presents the images and video content, an effective resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

New Micromax x395 price in India is carried out in absolute value for money. It also accepts an external 8 GB Micro SD memory card in order to resolve the functions of storage. Also acquires a GPRS Internet connectivity is integrated into web applications, networking and endless surfing.


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