Friday, November 4, 2011

Unlock Blackberry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 Curve

This is a guide on how to unlock your Blackberry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 Curve phone to all networks.

You can easily change SIM cards using the same Blackberry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 Curve.

Just follow the instructions, enter the unlock code and the phone is unlocked.

How to get an unlock code for Blackberry Curve 8310

Do not look for a code to see if your IMEI number is found. We 99% percent of the time to help you unlock your phone.

To unlock code HERE

To unlock the phone, we need your IMEI number. You can find this by pressing * # 06 # on the phone as if you make a phone call.

IMEI number is always 15 to 17 characters in length.

When you receive your unlock code from us by e-mail, simply follow the instructions below, and the phone will be free to use on any GSM network.

Blackberry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 Curve Unlock Instructions

Note: No SIM card is required to unlock the phone. When the phone is unlocked, remove the battery, insert SIM as desired and reinsert the battery. The phone must be restarted to use the new SIM card.

1) Turn

2) Go to Settings

3) Go Options

4) Go to the Advanced Settings

5) Go to the SIM card

6) Hold down Alt and press: MEPD then after the screen has changed press MEP2 (Note that you can not see what you type on the screen) *

7) It will ask for the unlock code. Enter it and press the trackball to confirm and your phone is unlocked!

You can call your service provider to unlock the code for your Blackberry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 Curve. Normally, you must be a customer for at least six months.

You can also get the unlock code from trusted sites like


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