Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cellular Unique Ideas

These are people who have great imagination and inspiration can come from anything available in their communities. Cell development can cost even difficult DIY is not cheap, but the manufacturer has the satisfaction of creating the mobile phone model with the materials, items intended to use and functions of the cell you want to DIY. However, many creative people can do with low cost materials and techniques, and the result is not bad. Here are some unique ideas for crafts made in mobile home and made the traditional method without.

The first cell phone DIY DIY. This type of mobile phone yourself is not a use case. He opened and the interior of the cell phone is hardly seen. We can see metal and plastic from inside the cell phone. The keyboard is not there, then tap on the buttons, users can not read one of these alphabets or numbers. This will be adapted to the user who already know and remember which button is the letter or digit or character. This mobile phone DIY seems a little outdated, but unique.

Second, the mobile robot controlled DIY €. This mobile phone is placed on a four-wheeled robot as a toy car. The utility can be impractical. But the idea of ​​combining mobile robot and is original.

Thirdly, the phone do it yourself in his place. It combines a phone with a hot plate, which made the cell becomes immobile.

Forth, this is unique, because the manufacturer is involved in the animal on his cell phone DIY. Phone uses a hamster do you like the power to charge the battery. The hamster is running around the axle of the dynamo electric charger and batteries can lead to power. This idea is smart and funny.

Fifth, diy phone using the cigarette packages. A pack of cigarettes can be transformed into a cool mobile phone. While life may not be very long, because the material that makes the paper will not last long.

Sixthly, DIY cell block in fine form. This device is slim and lightweight and comfortable to use.

Seventh, a portable timer DIY bomb. It's the little mobile phone model yourself, which seems so dangerous, but just pump accessories safely.

Eight-pack furniture with wooden chargers. Wood can be the main material for the alternator. But this has led to a complex technology and techniques. But nothing is impossible.

All of these ideas for do-it-yourself furniture is unique and original, but I'm not sure of the practical use and what you pay for, that people must consume. The point is creativity, which leads to a completely new look for the phone that can make people be surprised, amazed, or situation. From DIY Mobile, people can create an absolute new and unusual phone model. It is not impossible, if one day someone can make a DIY Cellph with the brilliant idea, which would be taken seriously by the manufacturer to produce the amount of mass.


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