Monday, November 14, 2011

Sync Contacts With Android Phone

A guide to managing and synchronizing contacts Google Android

Google Android mobile operating system powered by Google. They are different from other mobile devices, allowing open source programming. Open source programming allows users to develop programming software for use on the device. These programs can range from games to entertainment useful application to help manage their daily tasks.

All applications can be accessed through Google's Android Market.There are thousands of free and paid applications, which is growing every day. All paid applications can be purchased from the device is powered by Google Checkout.Since Google provides access to popular Google services, Google Earth, Google Latitude, Google Sky, YouTube, Gmail, Google Translate and many others. Most of Google Android devices offer up to 5 megapixel cameras and the ability to send videos directly to YouTube.

Currently there are a number of Android phones running different versions of software, including flash and cupcake update. Since launching the first Android phone T-Mobile, Android has gained popularity due to being a fully customizable interface and easy to use. All units offer a Google Android touch device with a full QWERTY keyboard, full screen or virtual. Google now offers Android devices from Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

Creation and management of contacts for Android devices is very simple because the phone is powered by Google. These are the things needed to complete this task:

First Google Android device

2. Active Gmail account

3. The list of phone contacts

Sign in to your Gmail account

First connect to the Gmail account. When connected to select the contact link on the left side of the screen. Clicking link will take you on the ground contact management. in the upper left corner of the screen there will be a plus. Click this icon to create a new contact. Enter all contact details, and once finished, click on Save. Repeat this process until all the necessary contacts were saved.

Depending on your Android device newspaper active Gmail account, where contacts are stored. Once you are logged in go to the main menu on the device and select the icon for contacts. When contacts Select Menu / Settings icon to display a list of available options. In this list, you will see an option for the accounts. Choose the accounts, this will lead all active email accounts created on the phone. According to the list of email accounts, select the Gmail account. When the account is selected the option to sync contacts turn.

Now your account is synchronized with the phone all contacts are transferred to the device.

Sync an Android phone

The synchronization of your Gmail account with Google Android device is the easiest way to keep in touch. It can be a backup of all contacts stored on the device within the Gmail system. This is very useful in case of lost, stolen or damaged phones. Standard phones, the only way to recover contacts through the device. When the phone Google Android device does not need to return the contact information. When the e-mail account is registered to replace the contact device can easily apply the same procedure. In addition, when the device is synchronized with Gmail's new phone contacts, which are placed directly into the phone are stored in your Gmail account automatically.

Simple and intuitive nature of the phone is one of the reasons why more and more wireless users are considering Google Android device perfect for them. Google Android devices allow the user has the ability to synchronize the traditional PDA / Smart with an easy to use interface.To demonstrate that Verizon has positioned its new Google Android phone, the Motorola Droid as a phone "to" not in a world . With the introduction of Android devices, manufacturers such as Blackberry and Palm are trying to find ways to maintain and improve Google Android devices.