Sunday, November 13, 2011

Android Phones Offer More Choice To Consumers

If you are looking for a new mobile phone brand is likely to find their own are considering a mobile phone that operates one of the two major smartphone operating systems. While you will be happy with anyone, there are many advantages to solve a great phone with Android.

One thing you notice when researching a new phone is the phone itself. In case of opting for a mobile phone IOS, there are basically a couple of possibilities. You can select the current generation of Apple iPhone 4 or maybe the old iPhone 3G. The choice here is quite simple, considering that most probably take the Apple iPhone 4 most recent. Specifications are generally improved in all areas and saving $ 150 is not enough to go to the Apple iPhone elderly.

Considering Android-based phones, there are plenty of options. For starters, there are bound to only two U.S. service providers. Like Sprint, T-Mobile also does not offer the Apple iPhone, but they do offer combined with Google's Android. With the possibility of buying all the major companies that are not limited to your choice. In addition, you are not limited by a pair of devices. Each service offers a plethora of options. If you prefer a physical keyboard, you can select a Droid Pro keyboard features a portrait, or perhaps a Droid 2 with a horizontal QWERTY keyboard. Smartphone users can view the plans 4G HTC EVO or even the upcoming 3D Bionic Droid Verizon. As a guest, you have a range of options in terms of their own choice of mobile telephony.

As you can see there are now more choices of materials for, let's take a look at why the OS is definitely an advantage. Google Android operating system is basically open. The phones are expensive, so consumers should have the right to make changes that you want the software. Apple frowns on the set of IOS and in fact will void the warranty. This is simply not the case of Google. They embrace the computer open and in most cases, help it become easier to have root access, allowing people to install custom ROM and more. From the moment you turn on an Android phone, you will see the wide range of possibilities. You can cool wallpapers, animated wallpapers including encouraging the bottom. Google also lets you install third party widgets, such as a clock, weather, stocks more. Not available in IOS.

When choosing your next phone you should think two Apple iPhone 4, as well as devices running Google Android OS. With the wide variety of device selection and customization of software support, there are several reasons for your Android phone to come.


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