Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Is The Name Of The Next Generation IPhone? IPhone5 Or IPhone 4S

What is the name of the next generation iPhone? 5 iPhone or iPhone 4S

Apple always creates miracles, becoming a top fashion in this area. The emergence of the iPhone iPhone 4 led to a state invincible in cell phone markets. On the other hand, has provided countless opportunities for manufacturers of accessories for iPhone, which has never seen before in the mobile phone market. Sales of the iPhone, including 3G and 4GS have exceeded 100 000 000!

What does this information?

Yes, many opportunities are coming up with the following types of iPhone accessories manufacturers! Recently, there are many rumors that the next type of iphone € 5 will be available in September this year.

In fact, it partially wrong!

Apple's next iPhone is called iPhone 4S, the iPhone is 5, the "control area" analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies.

The "iPhone 4S" won first name public was called in last month claiming that Apple shipped choose high-level developers with adjustable iOS iPhone 4 units with a source quoted unofficial name "iPhone 4S" for the device.

Misek report noted that the next generation iPhone is not likely to provide support for more rapid deployment of 4G LTE networks in some markets, such as Qualcomm chipsets required are not yet available in quantity to support the inclusion of technology.

Misek handed over a memorandum to the next iPhone today, "contains a small cosmetic changes, a better camera, A5 dual-core processor, and support HSPA +."

Apple wanted to add a chipset to support high-speed wireless networks 4G chipsets but would not be ready on time.

Since the chips were not ready for 4G, Apple is a small update for iPhone 4 Misek also revealed the next version of the phone works, Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile.

As we can see, the biggest market of the iPhone 4S in the world are the United States and China, which could blow up a new stream to buy iPhone accessories. The best selling accessories iphone cover all forms and functions, iphone covers iphone keyboards and headsets.

As one of the largest apple and Electronics discounted accessories suppliers around the world,, alleged they had supplied accessories for the iPhone 4S once it is initially available with the best quality and price competition for customers the chest.


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