Thursday, October 20, 2011

Global Roaming Quality For The Best Quality And Continuity Of Service

Global roaming is a quality project, which was introduced in December 2006 to improve customer service. The quality of the project of global roaming, which was presented at the GSMA set the framework for the final track from one end of the overall quality of roaming service. This is the framework has been introduced in order to co-operators in the signature of a common quality roaming.

Basically, the solution to monitor the quality of roaming refers to an integrated approach and the state of the art system that is based solely on probes that are totally non-intrusive. The solution avoids the active device that allows a quick and easy installation.

Business Intelligence

Quality of global roaming solutions GRQ or provide alerts and reports, which are usually based on the child's best quality and quantity of the deviations. The solution also monitors the properties of the GRQ roaming partners and stakeholders. In addition, global roaming high-quality solution for current data, based on the number of real-time information on traffic. The operators are well equipped and extensive information on service quality and customer experience.

GRQ solutions can be found by the Director General or persons in the management of the interconnection with the planners. You can access various reports about roaming volumes, quality, profitability and KPI. The GRQ easy to use software make it easier for engineers, people in the management of networks and roaming engineers to gain visibility into performance.

International roaming services is a critical issue most important to consumers when they go to different countries. Thus, the roaming capabilities are very important for the range of operator services. Roaming service is dependent on the quality of your home network and visited network with the different providers of brokerage services. GRQ is a software solution that controls the entire end to end services. The solution helps the driver to reduce barriers and gain an understanding of global roaming quality of service. So operators can work to ensure quality services at all times.

Benefits for operators

The solution helps operators meet GRQ service quality in a commercial mobile network. Therefore, operators can focus more resources on homelessness and to accelerate the quality of roaming services to advanced level as never before.


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