Friday, October 14, 2011

Apple Releases Unlocked IPhone In The U.S.

When Apple released the iPhone, first, role-players should not be overlooked. Apple said the software to control the device, but still be transferred to U.S. customers of AT & T, this situation has continued this year, the Verizon network to launch the CDMA version of the iPhone by the end of this situation. Now users can access the world of 200 operators of the iPhone has a number of players in many countries to choose from. Insert an unlocked iPhone in the United States meets the needs of consumers.

Role unlocked iPhone is much more than that, it's an iPhone unlocked one of the top five reasons:

1, no contract

In fact, $ 649 and $ 749 price for the majority of people, really cheap. But if you really need an international cell phone, and two years to pay large monthly fees, and monthly data plans and international data package compared to the unlocked iPhone is still a very cost effective.

They are open on the phone, users can choose between a short information about the plan, pre-paid GSM services. Each year to update the iPhone, mobile phone users often decide to give up two years of mobile phone contract.

4 unlocked iPhone is not the first phone is not signed. Users of non-subsidized price of older models of mobile phones, but operators are still tied. Unlocked iPhone 4 is a no-contract cell phone, but is not bound by the professionals who sell Apple's iPhone a big step forward.

2, reduces piracy

If you want to buy an unlocked iPhone before, you must use a third-party software release. Over the years, Apple has played the game of cat and mouse is a masterpiece.

The people involved in software cracking to get an unlocked phone, but Apple's software update, not a guarantee of open mobile phone can also be used. Most people are always worried about a new feature of the phone, you need to fix bugs, make yourself more harm than good.

No other Optio is to search the black market a variety of so-called "factory unlocked" program, the software update will not be affected. In April, the sudden appearance of two stores of the service, several weeks after cessation of activities.

3, unlocked iPhone users to travel popular

Apple's interim report at the recent meeting of the Fortune 500 companies, 88% of the testing company or the distribution of the iPhone. IPhone unlocked after the release of large and small companies can buy without a contract, can be used anywhere in the iPhone. This is business users who travel frequently, a significant impact, often cross-border transactions, these companies do not want to miss flat roaming operator.

Currently users can only be purchased in their countries, where the unlocked version of iPhone, unlocked iPhone 4, compared to U.S. companies bought all the unlocked iPhones easier.

4, iPhone users can choose between the support services of Apple O Emperor

Operators not to sell the iPhone, but if operators deploy GSM networks, users can use their services. At least the U.S. can use T-Mobile service. Since T & T and T-Mobile mergers and acquisitions were not approved, T-Mobile users to buy an unlocked iPhone is still unknown.

But Apple's iPhone is not unlocked the support of some of its operators have a huge impact, as the deployment of a GSM network operator to support the iPhone 4 In the United States to buy unlocked iPhone 4 in the group may be transported to other parts of the extension of the Apple iPhone (photo evidence evaluation parameters) "territory".

5, the new iPhone rumors to promote the sale of unlocked iPhone 4

Apple will not affect iPhone sales, iPhone sales in the last quarter of 18.65 million. But if the new iPhone is not unlocked models will boost sales of the iPhone 4

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