Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple IPhone Vs Android Tablet

Now that the Apple iPad is on the rise in sales and popularity every day, other manufacturers want a piece of the proverbial, so to speak. And heading the list of candidates iPad killer, Google Android Tablet, a project that is about to see in stores in the near future and the Tablet PC with other open source Google Android platform.

So how do these compare to Android Apple iPad Tablet PC? Let's review the advantages and disadvantages of the current apple of the eyes of Steve Jobs (pardon the pun), and match the iPad against those who would dethrone him.

Pro and Apple iPad

Beautiful interface, graphics, video crisp and clear graphics are all part of the iPad. Add to that the good interaction between you and the iPad, a great sensitivity to touch, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G, an incredible 10 hours of battery life and a platform for simple and easy to use OS that almost everyone has learned to love. A number of exciting games, and hundreds of different applications to increase the factor of freshness and beauty of the Apple iPad. All applications (and more!), Which has made popular the iPhone is now their colleague, the iPad, which provide users with hours of fun and happiness multimedia.

The disadvantages of the Apple iPad

It 'was said before and we repeat: the lack of a camera, and USB ports are turned off some potential buyers of the Apple iPad. Multitasking, that fans have enjoyed and loved Mac iMac, MacBook, a non-existent, and the iPad as well. It 'so far, you can not use two or more applications simultaneously. Also, do not support Flash in Safari (the browser) as soon as YouTube, Hulu and CBS fans very disappointed.

Android tablets Pros

The main attraction of rival tablet computers is that the Android OS is open source. This means that encryption software and other applications are available for people to use and improve. As a result, developers will have a field day creating different applications, probably even more games and applications in the future for Android tablets. Most of these pills are also cheaper than the iPad. The zenPad Enso, for example, is a real bargain at only $ 155. This tablet is ready 8G (expandable to 32 GB) of storage and WiFi connectivity. You can get GPS and 3G for $ 25 and $ 35 respectively. Another Android tablet is interesting to see the Dell Streak (formerly known as the Mini 5), which is scheduled for release in September. Another advantage of these pills is that some of them have cameras and support for Flash, the iPhone does not.

Disadvantages of Android Tables

Due to restrictions of the Android OS, the tablet using this platform only has a screen size of 7 inches at most. This means that the iPad will sti will be much larger than any Android tablet on the market, so in the future, unless Google lifts or changes to these limitations. In addition, Android tablets are not exceeded iPad when it comes to battery life. That alone is an important factor to consider.

So who is victorious in the battle between Android and Apple? This is increasingly seen as there are still a lot of Android tablets that have not yet been published this year. And while we all wait for them, release dates to come, Apple iPad still holds the crown as the best tablet PC to date.


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