Sunday, September 4, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Vs IPad - Extension Of The War Between Apple And Android

In early September, Apple and Google are fighting with each other for that activate more units every day. Google is 200,000 per day. Apple is 230,000 per day. But Apple probably numbers Google. Google says Apple wrong. This was not done. Now, the war between Android and Apple has been extended to the world of tablets.

Android Samsung Galaxy tablet today made his first appearance at IFA in Berlin on 2 September in Berlin, built to compete with the iPhone auto-considered uncontested. Galaxy 7-inch Samsung is the first well-matched competitor of the iPhone through it is not the first Android tablet.

iPad impresses clients with a couple of features, touch screen and long battery life. This is the most expensive part of IPAD. Samsung is not in any iPad as a touch screen and battery life. Since Samsung is the largest manufacturer of the touch screen to iPad, Galaxy is no reason to lose to Apple in the form of the screen. According to the comparison table maintains the battery specs Galaxy 7 hours while iPad last 10 hours! Can not remember IPAD not support multitasking, while Galaxy is Android?

Galaxy has another feature that Apple has put the arrogant contempt. The first is compatible with Flash. Apple has been accused of using Adobe Flash's main CPU, and finally decided not to support Flash with IPAD. While there are web pages and HTML 5 brand sites such as YouTube, all versions of HTML 5 CENT enabled iPhone, is not nearly enough. There are a number of sites support a flash of white and black on the screen of IPAD IPAD fans more frustrated.

IPAD is a kind of uncomfortable position. It 'a way to expand the iPhone but just can not play. And 9.7-inch touch screen, it is awkward to have a cell phone. And guess because the galaxy is smaller and the weight is due to the functionality of the phone. Galaxy combines a lot of practical functions such as Android Apple iPad.

The carrier and the price is not specified so far, we can not compare these aspects. Depending on whether the loss success or failure will depend on its price and the accompanying data plan to go with. And I think that competitive pricing and data plan to save customers the cost of multiple units resulting in a guaranteed success.


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