Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking At The Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell Phones

You can get different packages and offers Verizon prepaid cell phones. Verizon is the provider of telecommunications for the first time in the United States and its network runs on CDMA, like Sprint Nextel. You can get fantastic offers cheap phones with prepaid Verizon cell phone.

The concept of prepaid cards are gaining in popularity recently because of its many advantages. First of all, there is a binding agreement between you and a mobile phone service. You can also pay your bills up-front, or you buy online you want to spend time in use, and then use it as you wish, depending on the specifications of a prepaid package.

Verizon offers a simple prepaid plans. Its coverage across the United States is probably one of the best right now, you can see it is the largest telecommunications company in the country.

The four types of prepaid plans available to you (the plans can vary depending on your location):

This pre-paid basis is the simplest prepaid package is offered. You can pay a flat rate, all other calls to the same network, which is 25 cents per minute. Any other network or bus will pay an additional 10 cents per minute. SMS messages are sent and received, is 20 cents per message.

You pay based prepaid 99 cents a day to day, you use the service. By that, but you get unlimited mobile to mobile calls (those on the same network). You pay 10 cents per minute on weekends (Saturday 12:00 to 11:59 on Sunday) and nights (9:01-5:59). Every time you call someone on another network, you pay an extra 10 cents per minute. SMS messages are 10 cents a message

There are also prepaid $ 1.99 a day pay day you use the service, and you get Unlimited Calling them on the same network, unlimited night and weekend minutes, you pay five cents for each call you make to a different network , and text messages to pay five cents as well.

Unlimited Talk prepaid $ 3.99 per day you get unlimited calls to the same network and all domestic routes, as well as evening and weekends unlimited. Text messages cost only a penny per message.

Reloads expire after a certain period of time, however. So buy the refills and use them as you decide to consider. You can buy refills $ 15 to $ 29.99, which expire in 30 days, $ 75 - $ 99.99, due in 180 days, $ 30 to $ 74.99, which expires in 90 days and $ 100 due within one full year.

So as you can see with the prepaid service, you will not surprise bills at the end of the month, and there is obviously no cancellation fees. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can simply switch to another carrier, or if you can not afford to use the phone for the month you do not have to.

You only pay for the days when network usage, and no credit check, if you want to prepay. Moreover, we give you access to many features of Verizon postpaid customers as VZ Navigator, a GPS service and V CAST Music with Rhapsody, a streaming music service.

Verizon distributes phones LG, Motorola and Samsung - some smartphones, some very basic phones - with great prizes on your website. So these are the types of cell phones Verizon prepaid wireless you should expect to get.


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