Friday, September 2, 2011

THE GREAT DEBATE: Blackberry Vs. IPhone Vs. Droid

So you're approaching the summer of 2011, and if you're like me you've put off much longer you can stand, waiting for what will be the hottest phone for the next good time. The first true smartphone from the original 8GB iPhone in 2007, when it was still the "Silver-back Big Boy." Before then I had the Motorola Q smartphone, which was in the past, but they do not hold a flame, what is now considered a smartphone. Take the hottest new phone is one thing that I started in high school (2001), I was one of the children first Block is a huge project for text messaging, customized full-audio ringtones, and the version of the Sprint Mobile Web (Vision I think?). Upon receipt of Touchpoint, only there has been improved.

Therefore, having the iPhone, which literally loved it. It was not just an attractive phone, but useful. Integrated GPS on a map and the ability to email high quality, and what then seemed the most like a phone can go to a real web browser, it was a dream. Obviously, the progress that the iPhone has been for years has only increased its key original features and even more impressive than ever. Unfortunately, there are no leaps and bounds ahead of all other phones on the market before it was not just the sexiest phone, but no other phone can touch your face, now not so much.

Now I'm back to discuss: Will I continue with the sexy design, OS stable / reliable that I know and trust, and wider compatibility with aftermarket products? Or go to the most recent open, increasingly, the innovative platform of a business I love more than any other company in the world (Google, I love, unlike Apple, I admire and appreciate, but it can not), who combined with 4G NOW, does everything an iPhone can do more, and there seems to be only scratched the surface of what they are able to do? And finally, what about the Blackberry, they will catch up and if so, when and BBM is far behind the curve (no pun intended) in technology?

Oh, the Blackberry, I also learned to love you as well as for reasons quite different from that of the iPhone, of course. iPhone is a hot blonde girl, I have been quite a few 'little now, but there is always a way for us to take the next step, you are beautiful, cute brunette with a nice square framed glasses, which is intelligent and charming, which I met my internet marketing program. We get along so great, is not completely understood, but I'm not sure if it would work for a long life seems much simpler, but I have huge goals and aspirations, and life rather quickly. Do you think you can handle life in the fast lane with me? Well, the Blackberry, huh?

After the iPhone for a while, I bought a 8530 and 9330, and never had time to all the features 9650, I learned what excitement was on the Blackberry, and more specifically, "BBM" . But being so far behind in technology and sex appeal started coming to me after a while. I was "used" iPhone now: the touch screen does not wow me more applications SMAP, I'll try something new, adults, business. Blackberry up to my expectations, even over them in some aspects, but it's the summer of 2011 and I have big plans, the last thing I need is a phone that can not keep my pix Tweeting constant Wordpress blogging HD video, Facebook download mobile messaging international Skype, Adobe Flash site to visit, sharing Hotspot, cloud-based music listening ... I continue? Blackberry, it seems we could be good together, but not at this point in my life.

I waited for Motorola Droid Bionic and officially got over the excitement I had when there was speculation early 2011 release. Thunderbolt now seems very attractive, is now available, 4G, and the tech nerds blogs are speculating that the dual core processors are over-kill at least a year or so ... Um, what else I would have expected? Not only that, but there are droids of 15 have been published over the past two months, one of which I think is a dual-core (I'm not going to look that up, it does not matter either way), so the bionic you 're really losing a son to me fast! was already in question HTC vs. Moto anyway. In general, it seems, people are more comfortable with the HTC, I do not know either way, because I have not really had a lot of droids, but the Motorola Q will be on the way back when as well as some other phones Moto, I'm not so sure I was not as much as the other Motorcycles.

Droid Other manufacturers have not paid much attention, because I'm not going to take one of the "late to the party tries to catch-up" models, no matter how big the job they are doing the stick upwards.

So if I'm not going to wait, the question is: who would lead me Droid? Easy right? Thunderbolt, Duh! Not so fast, though. Yes, the 4G blah blah blah, and all of the potential market Droid can do for the most part, except for your not-quite-computer thing. But I really want to go high end on the right path? Or want to get the average level of Droid like The Incredible 2, which is still very sexy and versatile, but I do not feel so bad that scrapping a few months, if something extraordinary comes out to say "er iPhone5 O Lord willing, the better still, I can not even imagine such a product! Incredible 2 is a sexy little beast, I really like the look, and the weight of more than Thunderbolt, but who do not live in the 4G and 4G are able to zone for more than the ' 85% of my use of time is the time to miss the big sign.

Now I have pretty well withdrawn from the race for Blackberry for now (its technological deficiencies are too big for you to choose, I would choose for anything other than brand loyalty, BBM, and we have this kind of story), reducing my choices to two androids (Ray and two amazing) and iPhone4, the question boils down to one of these? Here is where I am a bit stuck, and eventually, I think you should lower your price. I am not eligible for an upgrade, so you are buying or full detail. If you can not find a place for the occasion, iPhone4 and Ray are deleted immediately, I will not spend $ 600 on a phone this summer and will have a week abroad. So far I've found a couple of rays of just under $ 400, a pair of iPhone4 the same, and only 2 for $ 350 Amazing, is certainly at these prices iPhone4 or Lightning, and what I said about 4G platform and open I think Ray wins.

At this point it looks like three options: Thunderbolt, iPhone 4 or 2 Incredible (not even talk to me about X Droid, the phone is ugly, I do not care if she could keep me company at night, I have standards) .


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