Friday, September 2, 2011

Android Vs. IPhone For Business - Considerations

Niina keskusteltu paljon, ja IT Enterprise ongelmia käyttöönottoja iPhone Android. Puhelinta Kahta Olemme Koska vertaamalla toisin born-laitteille kuin Blackberry, iPhone Android ja laitteita kuluttajan ensino ovata. Aina ja tarjoaa Blackberry Yritys yrittäneet Niida window Blackberry Enterprise Server Blackberry Enterprise-kun laitteiden hallinto iPhone Android ovata tulleet ja Company ainakin aluksi, takaoven kautta henkilökohtaisten yksittäiset laitteiden kuluttajat muodostaa toivat yhteyden Heiden yrityksen resursseihin.

So if you are the team and you are invited to make recommendations on the user devices to use, must also understand how to support them. If you recommend iPhone? Android? And how to manage once they have?

Käyttöjärjestelmät yes ohjelmistot distribution

First compare the two operating systems and systems software distribution. iPhone OS is a closed system, but has a robust SDK, thousands of applications and only two ways to get programs on the device: App Store via iTunes or by a provisioning profile distribution that allows signed applications to be installed on a device. Each program must be installed on the test individually, and there is no way to push applications on the devices. But because each application is subject to the approval process or your Apple-signed certificate, the iPhone has remained malware.

Android is on the other hand is an open source operating system, but with such a strong SDK and a growing list of developers and applications available that are readily available on the device. There are several ways to get applications on the device, unsigned, and therefore have been reports of malicious software targeting Android devices. This opened a market opportunity for the parties to ensure that the 3 management software, anti-malware and device management for Android.

Variety of features and devices

Statistics enheden bonds, for der er et Iphones As begrænset Antal, som er fysisk næsten identiske. These bags visitor from LIDT en ligetil simple, mens Android, på grund af sin enjoys fabrikanter Ökonomie Udstyr f (dvs. "Sun"), Kommer I EN hurtigt voksende sort. National Tastatur med dem du ago, Tastatur-mindre, national forskellige skærmstørrelser characteristic SAET, OSV. Det er en til at udfordring Grants.

Networks and Carriers

Associés à la variété de dispositifs, Android Available east, ou le seront bientôt sur Toutes les grandes Compagnies. utilisateurs de l'iPhone AT & T doit utiliser, au moins pour l'instant. Pour l'entreprise a multi-campus, un seul fournisseur peut tout simplement pas de travail pour tous les utilisateurs potentiels. You will not park, ce qui arrive Quand votre utilisateur vers autre déplace UN pays you?

What are the prospects?

Blackberry devices an illegal drug on OS5, Nokia will release the device with more Maemo / MeeGo, a Microsoft Windows Mobile7 a preview son who later released this year. Recently, the report is showing so that the speed of Android Market participant beyond the first ascent of the iPhone. (Android the iPhone outsold the prime ministers in the 74 days, ou Le Temps pour pour the iPhone hits the bar of one million euros of).

Android is clearly to make inroads in society (the latest data, see the report of the worker "mobile"). The third iPass plans to support Android. Apple is not currently willing to give up any market share, so we expect new devices and new versions of their OS for years.


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