Friday, September 9, 2011

Android Winning The US Smartphone Market

America has always been an important smartphone market, because consumption of expensive new toys is their entire deal. And as more people buy these portable computers Android is pulling out in front.
Recent research reveals that 40% of all US smartphone owners are now using Google’s operating system, compared to 28% for Apple’s iOS and an ever shrinking 18% share for Blackberry.
The Nielsen conducted study of current and intending smartphone owners and found that it isn’t just the early adopting open-source developers who want to work with Google.
It isn’t just the innovators though as late adopters are also 10% more likely to go Android, with all the other categories neck-and-neck with iOS.
You also have to account for how someone who describes themselves  as an “innovator” is extremely likely to be a prat, but they’re also much more likely to spend money on shiny gadgets, so they’re a valuable market.
But it’s in that big blue block of “Not Sures” in the upper right where we’ll see the action. Apple’s entrenched audience and the Googlephiles are becoming increasingly partisan – just like in real politics (if that’s not a contradictory phrase) it’s the undecided who’ll tip the scales.
The question is how the giants can convince these people without alienating (or at least annoying) their loyal fanbases.


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