Sunday, August 28, 2011

The life and career of Steve Jobs explained in a bizarre animation

Yesterday’s announcement about Steve Jobs leaving Apple shook the tech world at its core. We could write tens of articles about Jobs (actually, we did pen a few), but even if we wanted we wouldn’t be able to squeeze it all in two minutes of an animated story that goes from hilarious to disturbing put together by Taiwan’s brilliant and super fast animation news interpreters from Next Media Animation.

It starts with a buddhist image of Jobs dosed up with LSD and hit by a colorful Apple. Yeah, it’s that weird (but true to an extent, we have to admit). Things are getting ugly when the Mac gets born, quite literally, bringing up associations with South Park Humancentipad brutality.

But don’t worry, weak hearted Apple fans, finally the good Jobs wins over the evil Bill Gates “to

become the baddest mofo in tech.” Oh, finally he meets an army of Androids, so he might need some help, won’t he? Check out the video below to find out who’s there to help and could Apple win the epic battle.

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