Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pre-release Android operating system 4.3 firmware for HTC One leaks

HTC has said it plans to upgrade U.S. editions of theHTC One to Android operating system 4.3 by the end of Sept, and it looks like the organization is well on its way towards doing just that. Today a pre-release edition of Android operating system 4.3 plus HTC Feeling 5 has been launched for the worldwide HTC One. The resource of the flow, ROM-maker LlabTooFeR, has launched the firmware as a customized ROM -- and says he will launch the unique, unchanged firmware on Aug. 28 at 10 a.m. GMT.

The "Maximus HD 12" ROM is in accordance with the unreleased firmware edition 3.09.401.1, and while we're not seeing many important changes -- it's not completed yet, after all -- there are a several value referring to. First of all, it's now possible to use your own songs for movie emphasize fishing reels, and Feeling will synchronize image changes to the defeat of the monitor. (This is a function of the HTC One Small formerly missing from the full-sized edition.)
HTC One leakHTC One leak
We're also seeing a new Process Administrator app in the app cabinet, together with a quick way to the Information Utilization lite. The Wireless Hot spot app cabinet quick way is new, too.

HTC One leakHTC One leakHTC One leak
Additionally, we're realizing a little bit better animated graphics in this develop, along with conventional Android operating system 4.3 functions like Wifi-based place even when Wireless is converted off.
It's value keeping in mind that this is a pre-release develop, so it's probably going to need some more period of time in HTC's stove before it's prepared to go out over the air. And when it does, there will probably be some more new things together with the functions we've identified in this launched develop. (Specifically, we're listening to there's some new things for BlinkFeed arriving in the next significant upgrade.)
If you want to obtain the pre-release ROM and try it out, you can do so -- at your own risk


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