Monday, July 29, 2013

Motorola Atrix vs Nexus S: Industry Fight

Motorola brought up the bar for Android os Mobile phones this season when it released the Atrix, with an awesome 24 bit qHD show with 960540 quality. (275dpi). Shades really pop, and it's amazing for web surfing around and watching press. Despite the Nexus S having AMOLED show technological innovation with better black shades and comparison, the Atrix's show is still lighter.

The Nexus S, with its 4-inch WVGA 800480 pixel show (235ppi) does its best to contend, but drops out in the quality division. That being said, the Nexus S does function an AMOLED show which certainly looks better in sunshine, plus it is rounded to reduce insights.

Additionally, the shades are wealthy and really come out in all surroundings.

Operating System
The Nexus S - out of all the phones currently out there - is the only one with Android os 2.3-Gingerbread. This provides with it a lot of power, as the improvements presented in the newest version of Android os are both simple, highly effective, and wonderful.

The Atrix, however, is on Android os 2.2. Samsung has stated they are working on it, and that up-dates should be coming soon. This may fall upon hard of hearing hearing however, as we have all observed this efforts after time again. While we don't have an formal date yet, obviously once the Atrix is released in the UK, Android os 2.3 will be modified within a few short several weeks.
With all of this being said, if you basically can't hold out for Android os 2.3 (or the newest upgrade of Android os for that matter), and want to have a system that is going to be simple to alter, then look no further than the Nexus S

16GB is a lot of storage space on a cellphone. Still, you never know right? Curiously, the Nexus S doesn't have a microSD cards port, so your options are restricted once you begin to complete it up.
The Samsung Atrix comes with a borderline giant amount of potential storage space at 48GB. It contains 16GB on panel, and has a microSD cards port, so it's simple to exchange material out of and keep lead off with clean plenty of information.

Processor & Performance
The Samsung Atrix features some amazing components, with a 1Ghz dual-core Tegra 2 processer on panel. 2011 is going to be an awesome season for Android os cellphone lovers, and for smart cellphone customers in common, as dual-core becomes popular. The Samsung Atrix also has an amazing 1GB of RAM, which is the most of any smart cellphone so far. It has some exciting performance behind it too, and has a function whereby you can link it to a docking place and turn it into a full fledged computer.

The Nexus S, however, while still sensitive and quick in its own right, basically cannot contend on the same level. The Nexus S has a 1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processer, which is single primary and can only process one line of information at some point. Still, a lot can be said for excellent application, and the Nexus S has the best that Android os currently has to offer. To further substance the problems of selecting a champion in this classification, the Nexus S is an open system, whereas the Samsung Atrix, like all other Samsung gadgets, is not. The customized modding field is in existence and well for the Nexus, and means that you can change the performance of it to your minds and hearts material. Currently on the boards, there is a battle flaming on about whether excellent components is better than excellent application. Still, things are going to really warm up when Android os 2.4 is released, for it is said to have important programming improvements to truly take benefits of dual-core handling. Still, a few month s in the world of mobile technological innovation is a while, and it's unlikely that people will be able to hold out for Android os 2.4, let alone 2.3 to make its way into the newest Android os Superphones like the Samsung Atrix.

Winner - Samsung Atrix - but only because it's components is so much excellent, and maintains such guarantee for the long run. The Nexus S actually works better in some areas still, and is better to use.


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