Monday, July 8, 2013

How to start your kindle Fire HD Camera

Most of the people would be amazed to know that Amazon kindle Flame HD has a photographic camera and it can be used to take pictures. Amazon kindle Flame HD is equipped with a standard photographic camera but it can only be used with programs like Skype for video calling, Apart from that, the photographic camera can't be used with other standard programs in Amazon kindle Flame.  Well, That can be done by using different photographic camera applications available on Amazon Appstore. But surely you don't want to use some other photographic camera app that limits your photographic camera abilities. Use myCamera  HD and myCamera HD+ programs which are specially engineered for the Amazon kindle Flame customers. It allows the customer to enable photographic camera and use it to take pictures and make video clips. The accessibility features in myCamera HD and myCamera HD+ improves photographic camera encounter for Amazon kindle Flame, so it provides the same encounter as any other mobile photographic camera.

So what does myCamera HD+ offers to the users? Here are some of the highlights

Edit your pictures with 12 beautiful photo filters
Take pictures and make video clips by using Default and Extended photographic camera mode
Enhance your image with enhancement tools
Share pictures and video clips with the world
View your pictures and video clips in a personalized HD gallery
Panaromic capture
View, remove and modify your pictures and video clips with a single touch

Considering the fact that Amazon kindle Flame HD does not have a rear photographic camera myCamera HD and myCamera HD+ are designed to facilitate the customer for taking the pictures i.e. customer can take pictures by using the volume keys on the top of Amazon kindle Flame which enhances the usability and photographic camera encounter.

Also it has timer-mode for which captures pictures after a set interval. It is quite handy to take group pictures when nobody is willing to be the photographic camera guy.

Moreover myCamera HD+ has some improvements unlike other photographic camera applications available on Amazon App Store these are image repairs, Amazon kindle Flame has an average photographic camera but obviously everyone wants to take good pictures of them so they can apply different repairs to their pictures to improve colors and orientation of picture. You can also apply a variety of filtration to give your pictures a presentable look. Perspective pictures and video clips in a personalized 3D collection, select and remove multiple pictures and enjoy them in slideshow.

You can take pictures, modify them and discuss them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other social networking sites. You can also discuss your video clips on Youtube and  other video networks.


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