Sunday, February 3, 2013

The BlackBerry 10 OS Success, why?

The new edition of Blackberry's cellular OS BlackBerry 10 was declared lately on Jan 30, 2013. Presented with all new functions, it will not be wrong to say that it's actually the re-invented and re-engineered edition of BlackBerry OS. The new edition is absolutely different from ones right from the "code-level". Not even a single line of value has been involved in the new edition from the previously one so we can forget everything about the old GUI.

The key part of BlackBerry 10 is a micro-kernel centered Real-time os (RTOS), QNX, which is a objective crucial, constant and most protected OS ever, as considered by most of the developers around the planet. The believe in factor can be easily deduced from the fact that various NASA projects, atomic power channels, high-speed practice management techniques are depending on QNX to accomplish the actual time processing specifications. The implementation of QNX varies from small included techniques involved in vehicles to massive scaled mainframe techniques for innovative processing.

BlackBerry 10 is majorly affected and has used QNX for helping the customer's encounter over its system and also provides the key purpose of protection for its primary users list, the business and business category. Some key functions and advantages of new OS are:

  • BlackBerry Balance: This could be called as the show-stopper in the functions list of new cellular OS. This program distinguishes the expert interaction applications from the individual products of customer in the same system. This allows the IT division to take management over the product without having any entry to the individual listing of the customer. This guarantees the comfort of the individual products while making overall use of the expert programs.
  • Advanced Security: This edition of OS is depending on the micro-kernel structure which contains only that amount of value in the primary element that is necessary to run the os effectively. The staying effective elements like data file program, system motorists are set up in the customer space so eliminating the weeknesses of exterior accessibility in the kernel and provide innovative protection systems.
  • Multiple Foundation runtime: QNX allows BlackBerry 10 to perform various programs created in different technology and language, natively. The accessibility to several platform playback allows this innovative cellular os to set up a wide range of programs in an similarly joyful manner as a local app encounters.
  • Scalability: It's not only about the broad range of growth systems which BlackBerry 10 gadgets can support, it's also about the broad range of programs. From a simple game playing app to a complicated business app, everything can be set up and proved helpful upon with the new editions of the BlackBerry.

These were a few points which explain the more specialized factors and enhancements in BlackBerry 10 OS but this is not it, several other functions are also involved in the new edition. Features like incorporation of movie in BlackBerry Courier for movie communicating, show discussing to show the distant show, release of BlackBerry World just like Google Play for Android operating system and AppStore of Apple for suffering from a wide range of programs.

Resource allowance projects are also simple with the release of micro-kernel and giving a more protected and constant encounter to the customer. Even the failing of some sources doesn't get shown in the performing of the other source (until dependent) and hence other parts of the program stay unchanged from problem.


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