Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date has been confirmed for May 2013. Samsung is going to launch one more Galaxy handset in Samsung Galaxy series named as Samsung Galaxy S4.Samsung Galaxy S4 Price is not yet revealed but it is expected that the Price of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India is around Rs40,ooo or in USA Price $ 750. Although that will appear far away news gossips and leaking are already trickling in and we thought it would be attention-grabbing to give you a wish guidelines of Galaxy S4 specifications and choices and to listen to your thoughts on what you would wish to see too.

The galaxy S3 has been an excellent hit all over the world, although those in the US had to hang on several months after areas to get their hands on it. A few weeks in the past we believed on what would probably happen if the galaxy S4 was introduced forward to release with the iPhone 5 as these two leading phones are often released at completely different events and do not come out as head-to-head competitors. Though a immediate issue between Samsung’s galaxy S and Apple’s iPhone is unlikely to happen quickly

We directed how one business core has already released some information of the galaxy S4 along with a 12-megapixel photographic electronic camera with the versatility to take 1080p films with stereo system audio, the next-resolution show and the fact that will probably be very much based mostly on multi-media. IBTimes has come up with some choices desired for the galaxy S4 and we wonder if you will consent with these and moreover which different specifications and features you may need to see. Suggestions personify an enhanced show because the PenTile show of the galaxy S3 seems to have disappointed some customers though it offers HD quality.

Another function expected for is a much bigger power supply providing additional juice for a system that certainly wants it. The galaxy S3 walked up to a 2100mAh power supply but this however does not seem to be able to fulfill numerous customers who grumble about power supply strain. Indeed we not too long ago recommended how many customers however seem to be having problems with power supply strain on the galaxy S3. One other issue that might be better is the style. Though the high-end specifications of the galaxy S3 happy many there was a whole lot of critique with regards to its cheap nasty really feel so a additional reducing-edge style with enhanced components would go down successfully with many potential clients, moreover to a bigger show, such is the existing pattern.

Different problems described by IBTimes for the galaxy S4 are an enhanced S-Voice program, Search engines Firefox as a standard web browser, Android operating program Gleam and the new Android v4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System and powered by quad-core Exynos 5450 Cortex A15 processor clocked at a speed of 2GHz. Android v4.1 Jelly Bean, although given the existing price of Android operating program operating program up-dates there may well be a later OS by the point the galaxy S4 produces. There could also be different valuables you want to see on the galaxy S4 that you would expected to see on the galaxy S3. For example the galaxy S3 was carefully said to have 2GB of RAM but resulted in with 1GB so you might have regarded trying additional and we all know that many had expected for a ten or 12-megapixel photographic electronic camera pretty than the 8-megapixel indicator that came.

Alternatively possibilities are you will want to see different additional unique improvements for the SGS4 similar to 3D, water resistant or the Youm versatile reveals that were beforehand said for the Samsung leading system. We’d be really fascinated to listen to reader’s concepts on this. Was there one factor you particularly desired the galaxy S3 to have that did not show? Possibly you have different concepts for a galaxy S4 choices and specifications wish guidelines or one factor innovative perhaps? Deliver us your feedback to allow us to know.

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