Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Replace A Lost Or Broken Cell Phone Cheaply

Check with your wireless carrier to see if they carry any refurbished cell phones. Refurbished phones are nothing more than cell phones that people either returned, or were broken during shipment and sent out for repair. Purchasing a refurbished cell phone saves you money because cell phone companies are looking to get rid of the phones and will sell them for incredibly cheap prices. Refurbished cell phones are also great because they've been tested for quality to be sure they work well. A cell phone company cannot sell a refurbished cell phone without having it fully tested. You can even request to see the invoice in which the phone was fixed and checked for problems.

Find new and used cell phones on eBay at great prices. Ebay has hundreds of cell phones up for bid for all different cell phone carriers. You can find the latest new cell phones for a fraction of the price you'd pay through your cell phone carrier. Some people even offer a 'Buy It Now' price in which you can get the cell phone right away without having to wait and bid on the item. The only thing to be careful of is that the listing for the phone states that it is an 'unlocked' cell phone. Unlocked means that there is no code set by a cell phone carrier that will keep the phone from being used by anyone else. Cell phone companies do this as a way to protect their phones if their ever stolen and to discourage people from swapping cell phones. Ask the eBay seller if you are unsure whether the cell phone you want is unlocked or not.

Check out for cheap cell phones. Just like eBay, offers lots of great items for an incredible price. However, you do not have to bid on items through Instead, you search through the products available, or use the search link at the top of the page to find what you are looking for, click the quantity you want and continue to the check out. You can use a credit card or easily pay with PayPal for convenience. offers many great cell phones for amazing prices. See resource list below for links.

There are many great online sites available that offer unlocked cell phones for a discount price. Many of these sites will even show you the price the cell phone originally sells for and the price they are selling it for. However, there are many sites that sell discount and cheap cell phones that you need to beware of. In order to protect yourself, be sure that a discount cell phone site is backed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This means that the site or company has upheld certain standards in order to be listed as a place to safely purchase items or equipment. If in doubt, check out the BBB site at / and search for the site or company you are looking for. Or, check out the sites listed to find a great cell phone company site you can trust.


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