Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best Android Applications for Work and Play

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 and many other Android phones and tablets on the market, there is no doubt that this software is bringing some good competition for Apple. If you are an Android fan, you may already have a few apps that make life easier. Mobile technology has played a big part in adding value to everyday life, with apps for almost anything under the sun now on the Google Play store.

To help you strike that perfect balance between work and play, here are some great Android apps to download to your favourite device.

Useful Android Apps for Work and Play

Tired of wasting time scrolling through the hundreds and hundreds of top paid or free apps? Here are a few options you are sure to use on a regular basis…

Google Drive – the new Drive has incorporated Documents, allowing fans of the latter to access all of their documents quickly and easily. Drive also has storage features, but it is Documents that will provide the best value. All documents can be edited, created, deleted and managed from your smartphone or tablet, with the same interface found on the online version.

Dropbox – Dropbox for Android has had some recent bug fixes and updates, with the same great features offered through the desktop version. File sharing is a big plus when it comes to tablets and phones, especially if you don't want to clog up your memory space with unwanted files. Accessing them quickly through the Dropbox app gives you access to the files you need right now, leaving the other files on hand to access later.

CamScanner – this handy device turns your phone or tablet into a scanner. Add old pictures to your device; scan and convert documents into PDF format and control the contrast and quality of your scanned documents. The paid version has more features, but the free version is pretty good too.

Kindle – the Kindle app for Android is if anything even better than the device itself. The Amazon store is easy to use, with books divided across every imaginable category. The One-Click purchase feature helps you download and open books in a matter of minutes. The library automatically refreshes, and even better – your archived books can also be accessed without adding them manually to your device.

Sketch and Draw – while it may not be as popular as Draw Something, this app unleashes your creative side with a range of sketching tools, a full colour spectrum and other features. The layout is clear and uncluttered, with the options menus popping up when you slide over the options button on your phone. You can save everything that you do to your device and use your works of art for wallpaper too.

These are just some of the apps that you will find yourself using on a regular basis, whether you are working, playing or simply relaxing. Easy to download and install, they will all come in handy at some point or another… just wait and see.

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