Monday, November 21, 2011

New Features Of Google Android 2.2 Froyo VS IPhone

In particular, twelve million lines of code to include the Android has gone through another major update, dubbed Froyo. Froyo has become the seventh update to the acclaimed Google Mobile OS. Because it releases in September 2008, has gone through many updates.

Currently there are two contenders in the world would be a Smartphone OS Google Android and Apple iPhone OS five. With the latest update to Froyo Android phones, Google is a beaten Apple's operating system Android, and has published five iOS far behind. Almost all performance standards have shown that Froyo has exceeded Apple's business.

It is amazing to understand the drastic improvement while in the Android OS. These include the day-night difference between an original and now Android Froyo updated variant. Android makes applications in a very virtual, called Dalvik.

The most important feature of how Froyo Android Dalvik has declined from about changes in the system, with a little more time, especially Dalvik compiler. This is just a translator has provided a revolutionary feature of Android 2.2 hike of less than 5 times the CPU management rule heavy.

This has created an Android experience much easier. Also behind the stuttering are long gone. Now you can enjoy the working environment friskier without getting irritated with the delay, which was previously in the presence of variations. Google argues that the increase in performance is more involved in the battery, but in reality it is a radical improvement in battery life can be seen.

Sweeter than sugar for users of Android mobile phone is always sure that the new Internet browser now supports Adobe Froyo screen. This new feature has been a boon for surfers on the World Wide Web. The good news is that the flash can be removed to be used when the person who wants to implementation of the browser option to customers. The initiative allows the person to use the screen by clicking the Flash object. Providing Flash is not as impressive as an office, but you can do by phone.

The graphical interface has remained largely the same. The importance of this patch 2.2 is that it has fixed minor bugs and glitches in the entire operating system. Android users complain that its interface is much more complex and unpleasant as the iPhone or the World Wide Web OS Palm in particular. The adjustments made in small Froyo tried to reduce this complaint and have some success.

It was also an addition of any work carried out in the direction of Android. It's a bit difficult to get hidden deep while in the settings. The important thing is that now you can leave the special processes and unwanted applications that consume precious memory space. Another particularly interesting feature is that now apps are often installed on the micro SD card in particular also, and so relieve the person of the minimum internal storage bit, which belongs to the phone. The list of options is unlimited, but nothing is certain, the new Google Android update Android Froyo taken to the next level. It was not a single product now more convenient than it appears at first to be introduced.

Apple I Phone and Google Android 2.2 Froyo be completed in an epic battle. About the first watch, which makes it faster than Google's Android iPhone, unless one is allowed 10 1 Flash plug-in. Latest equipment from the Titans of every smartphone on the planet, can give as an unforgettable experience to you.

Google, Verizon, and Adobe has announced the next wave of Google Android devices, Motorola Droid on June 23 on a daily basis, the latest Apple AT & T launched the i phone 4. They appeared almost simultaneously in the U.S. markets and the USA.

Market research shows that the company Apple is already available in July in the year 2010, 600, 000 call the fourth, but they have suffered serious problems ordering the United States. On the other hand, usually the one launched by Google and others are an important update that belongs to the popular brand involving Motorola, Google's Android. The battle for the crown smart phone was so good about it.

Five new iPhone has some amazing things, like the front to the camera, recording 720p high share of the explanations of video, 5 megapixel camera on the rear axle of a solution of gyroscopes and have a few 960x640 LED 3. five inches. It is mostly much longer life than the power that their predecessors.

Android 2.2 Froyo unlike technology Droid Times. You must attribute the 4 3 "screen, while recording the same movie on iPhone 4, the final product, and the HDMI screen resolution 854x480. The eight-megapixel camera with flash and other additional features of the device to identify excellence. It has the ability of all to Flash Player 10 1 is used for mobile devices.

Although both devices seem incredibly effective, Android has hit a disadvantage, which is to keep a step ahead of the iPhone 4, in particular the absence from the front of the camera. Unlike a feature of the EVO 4G HTC Android employees to keep one step ahead of the telephone 4 This means that the advantages and disadvantages of a balanced, you are starting from scratch in determining which type is better, Google Android or iPhone.

Some of the features of Google Android 2.2 will Froyo new home screen widgets Council, and also dedicated cutting corners. Improved security, PIN digital alpha-numeric parameters for unlocking, deleting remote calendars exchange, discovery of the automobile, the levels of trade, the global address, gallery, keys camera on the screen and the LED display activated camcorder. Multilingual User can add many different languages ​​and with the auto industry suggests part of the dictionary. Software memory recall improves memory core special 20x.

Apple leads to increased new hardware fine most of the time. On the other hand the latest Android device could make its appearance there every time. Apple has delayed the schedule out in accordance with Android in terms of the variety of gadgets.

When it comes to sales and market penetration seems that the iPhone is now 4 the way forward. Apple employs about 28% are mobile in the United States. Unlike special androids, including two second Google Android Foryo represent only 9% are in the market. Both grew up around 2% throughout the year, and also in the form of this rate throughout the first quarter of 2010.

Thus, the iPhone has even greater proportion belonging to the market, but Android is on the agenda, very strong and can give a lead to money in the not distant.


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