Thursday, November 17, 2011

HTC Touch Diamond Vs. Apple IPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G has been out for a while now, and were able to dominate the market for "smartphones". But now Microsoft has released the HTC Touch Diamond, a competitive product that has similar features and pricing. So what is the best? Or is it the same? This article will help you decide which phone is for you, or if one of them is worth the price at all.

The HTC Touch Diamond is as its name implies, completely touch screen based. He fled the Windows Mobile 6.1 system, with some noting that it is not really a good operating system for use with a touchscreen. The appearance of the phone is sleek and stylish, and about the same size as the palm of an individual. At this time the phone is available in black, but if successful, could come in the colors below. The processor speed is slower than some users might lose your phone, so if you're looking for a fast processing phone then another phone w Ould be a better option. The HTC Touch Diamond does not use multi-touch technology, which means that so far as touch technology goes, it is not even close to the iPhone 3G. Standard features include a 2.8 inch VGA screen with an auto rotate function. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera and wi-fi.

It comes with a GPS system and also comes with 4 GB of memory, Bluetooth capabilities, FM radio, 192 MB DDR RAM and a 528 MHz processor.

The Apple iPhone 3G is an enhanced version of the original iPhone. He always uses the same idea of ​​combining phone, internet, and iPod. The main difference between the iPhone and 3G iPhone original is the fact that Internet speed is faster. The Apple iPhone 3G adds the additional functionality of an app store right on the phone. Email is the best. However, there are some drawbacks to this phone. Some of the common features that most phones have are not available on the iPhone. This phone supports Bluetooth, comes with all operating systems of the system m, iTunes, a 16GB memory, e-mail, radio and GPS. It also uses multi-touch technology and features a swivel screen automatically. Currently the only color offered for this phone is black. The iPhone is a phone to get if interesting in Internet browsing and downloading music. If you are not interested in these functions, then you should probably go with a better phone.

Overall, the HTC Touch Diamond and Apple iPhone 3G is not really be compared to each other. The iPhone offers many features and different technologies than the Touch Diamond. HTC Touch Diamond is more like other touch phones that are there, and the iPhone is still alone. However, the speed of the Internet and music features are less important for you to have your phone so you're better to get a better phone. The iPhone and Diamond are also the same price, if you are too expensive for you, while the other will as well.


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