Friday, October 21, 2011

My Free T-Mobile RAZR Grey

The best things in life are free, the saying goes. Or was it the song? In any case, this song is the new black RAZR phone, T-Mobile, which I bought ... If you have "bought" the right word is something that I got for free.

I still remember when the RAZR came out a year. I could not miss. The phone is the thinnest cells. The hottest cell phones. Ads everywhere, and hype almost made me want to get something, but. However, now that the dust has settled marketing, what remains is a beautiful phone thin, light and elegant that it is a pleasure to use and a pleasure to own.

So please allow me as I can describe what I like about my T-Mobile RAZR - and perhaps see why it appeals to many classic and modern can receive calls.

"Soft" The Motorola RAZR cell phone technology

I am one of those guys who really appreciate technology, but do not overdo it. Yes, I like the fact that most things today, with the manual, but stop just under invest the equivalent of three semester hours to find out how many MHz TI OMAP processor optimization, or how I can get out Kbps and Mbps by GPRS as opposed to gWiFi.

So this balance or technology is one of the first things I really enjoyed my new RAZR. Owning it is like sitting at the table of a friend who speaks the technology for you, never turn glassy eyes - just enough detail for you to understand what he is talking without overloading.

The technology I had with T-Mobile Motorola RAZR is the thing most of us "not" side of the techno-geek in general enjoy part. For example, with this phone you get a digital camera that also takes short videos. No need to be with a maze of menus and files: It's right there when you turn on the phone, under the caption just enough, says "camera". Press this button and the phone screen is an LCD video camera, press and click, you're done. This is the type of user that I love and it is only one example of the type of control you get with T-Mobile RAZR.

RAZR with T-Mobile wireless connection I have to work quite well. This is a feature I never use it, but since it is free, I thought "what the hell." But what I discovered is that it is extremely useful, especially when I'm driving - I live in one of these states where police can shoot to take the hands of his cell phone while driving. And with this Bluetooth headset with no need to waste time with the child or take the phone with me when the fuel pump and I can keep talking - in style. Which brings us to one of the areas where the RAZR stands almost none.

The style of T-Mobile RAZR

If there's one thing I do not like a lot of products today's consumers, their cheap, plastic look and feel making them appear as almost disposable. With the RAZR, instead you get an elegant satin shell aluminum alloy, giving the impression cell phone for something permanent and real.

And, of course, is the RAZR hit, as it is thin - even after years on the market, and after the introduction of a series of copycat products, this device shines in this department that the real thing. Aside from fashion, the thinness of the RAZR is also a practical tool. This phone is lost jeans pocket 'without adding bulk to your appearance, then the practice does not even need to cover it.

The characteristics of the T-Mobile RAZR only

What made me choose a T-Mobile RAZR, unlike other mobile operator is the type of plan, it comes with. In particular, I was attracted by T-Mobile MyFaves exclusivity, so that the new T-Mobile Motorola RAZR is supported (not all phones, especially the elderly).

MyFaves feature is mainly a list of five out-of-telephone network, you can make and receive calls for free, at any time, day, frequency of calls, or what your country five contacts. A standard T-Mobile myFaves plan, you get this free on-network calls are typically offered by most service plans.

In practical terms, this means that the myFaves plan allows me to make and receive phone calls most of the cells for free and reserves the minute regime misses the third phone call - with that much easier to hold talks brief. By the way, I let my contacts know that MyFaves are five in my list, so they know that I can call without fear of costing me airtime minutes.


Overall I'm very happy with my new T-Mobile RAZR. For a mobile phone is definitely more "later", I am pleased that companies like T-Mobile is willing to keep it fresh by adding useful features - as in this case, the MyFaves option plan.


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