Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keep Your Smartphone Pirates

Holiday season starts soon. As we make our checklists and planning our vacation, here are vital to the brand - Smartphone Security. Purpose, for example, you and your friends for a well deserved rest, of course, intend to make your personal communication gadgets which - like cell phones.

And it's likely that you may want to use the company's data. In fact, the "Symantec Security Check, an Indian by the Financial Services Industry 2011" showed that 81% of smartphone users to access business information in their organizations.

With an alarming number of threats, emerging networks of trust for malicious applications, users of smartphones (including workers of the companies) should carefully consider these threats to security and ensure that the holiday of work need not become harmful.

The following best practices should be kept safe combination:

Feature Access Code: The first thing is to take an "access code" function, and make sure it is a secure password: This may seem obvious, but 18% of smartphone users around the world, do not use an feature code block. This is the key for security reasons, a minimum of effort, that you can use.

Encrypt data: Make sure that only authorized devices that support encryption, to ensure that the situation in which the device is stolen or lost, no one could ever get vital business data. This could reduce the risk of data breach potentially expensive, so the additional cost of the replacement of new equipment.

Using a solution for managing mobile smart phones and tablets in one day will be spent in the same way as PCs and laptops, as they are used to access e-mails, access corporate servers and download applications from the company. Eventually these devices need to sand applications must be managed throughout the life of the device safety device provisioning, monitoring and retirement unit.

Make sure the OS and programs are updated regularly and using security software: While most organizations offer business security software to work smart phones, 42% of smartphone users to company in the world are ready when their bodies give someone is another research study by Symantec.

Follow policies set by the employer: any mobile device that has access to confidential business information should be subject to policies.

Keeping pace with new threats: Traditionally, the greatest threat to mobile security has been physically lost or stolen equipment and the introduction of a wide range of applications pirates are becoming more and more changes applications.

In many cases, these applications came as legitimate. Pirates of the download, add malicious code and then repost. Users can not detect any difference in functionality when they download applications such in their smartphone, but the software downloaded performs malicious activities in the background.


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