Friday, October 7, 2011

The Content Internet Browser Supplied With The Talking Mobile For IPhone

Internet browsers have become an important part of mobile devices, since the dawn of the smartphone. Interactive Voice now offers an excellent new mobile browser called "mobile internet speak" for the iPhone and Android.

This unique tool will make a great feature of the browser to search usually does not see these tools. This browser add functions to read aloud to you the content pages.

Talking Mobile Browser uses advanced technology of speech synthesis to deliver this unique mechanism. In the program, you can quickly and easily adjust the settings for the drive to express your preferences. You can adjust the speed, pitch and timbre to find your prefect of audio delivery.

The browser is ready to talk to users who find brilliance in the text on the mobile navigation devices too small to read and for people with busy lives who do not have time to get updates on your favorite websites.

Since the browser only works in much the same way as a standard browser. You can enter the Web address bar to bring you to your destination. Moving back and forth is just as easy as it is usually simple and Previous buttons. The design is elegant and looks good on your browser.

The top of the browser controls to the reader's voice is easily accessible. Content with a press Talk button to read you are to vote in a way your preference settings. The reader can be stopped easily with one touch.

Sometimes you come across a web page where the content is not prepared a simple form and you can choose to read only to read the text in column two. Situation, so you can use the touch screen mobile phone, highlight the correct choice and press the "talk", the application reads this choice for you.

Managing the media is a very important part of our daily lives and needs a player like this, your browser Talking Mobile is an excellent choice. The application is a device worthy of a place and you should not even think twice to download this powerful tool.


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