Monday, September 5, 2011

Why Cheap Cell Phones Cheap?

We have seen at one time or another, companies come out with cheap mobile phones and win the market completely, making the other mobile manufacturers are coming with their own line of phones economic. If you've ever wondered why a particular mobile is $ 1000 and a second is available for $ 200, and the answer is not obvious, read on to find out what exactly a cheap laptop.

They have fewer features

This is the most important Pincher penny when it comes to cell phones. Cheap phone has the bells and whistles, such as WLAN, EDGE, 3G or two cameras, or even a camcorder, for example. Undoubtedly, these characteristics are very important for some, but most people can only do these features to their mobile phone - a perfect market for mobile phones cheap. Stripping up to these features, it calculates the cost of the mobile phone to a drastic level.

The materials used are not expensive:

This is something that happens very rarely, but there is another way in which a manufacturer of mobile phones can reduce the production costs of a mobile phone. Like, for example, instead of a full metal body with plastic to reduce costs significantly Mobile phone instead of on the big screen, which can support a higher resolution, a common screen size, reducing costs for mobile - and so on and so forth. Of course, this is not always a good idea, because ultimately you may end up in a plastic or a dedicated camera button, the camera's USB cap, which is prone to fall at any time, etc. Another way to curb the price of the phone is to use rubber instead of metal keyboard, etc.

The technology is old:

The mobile electronic devices working on the technology. The technology used is Symbian, Java and other operating systems like Windows Mobile or Android. Most current technology and more powerful, the cost of mobile phone. Only the relevant technology, making optimum use of their mobile phones would feel the difference, if they use a Symbian or Windows Mobile phone is why many manufacturers of mobile phones using older technology, such as Symbian or Java lowering the price of the phone.

There are three main reasons that mobile phones are available at a price.


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