Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Are Some Cheap Cell Phones Do Not Do It In The Big League

With the increasing demand for phones on the market, many mobile phone manufacturers are coming up with cheap mobile phones that appeal to entry-level segment of this market worth billions. While most mobile manufacturers have released a flurry of cheaper models, there are several small players trying to break into the market with their phones, even offer lower prices than the models proposed by the main players in the mobile market . But there are some glaring inconsistencies in these phones, any purchaser notice and veteran away from these products. Here are the top three.

No guarantee:

The irony is that if the seller offer these phones to have better quality and more features that make your favorite mobile phone, they will not stand by their word and offer you a guarantee - even a dealer warranty . Many photo sharing sites are chock full of images of these stores, which shows that the advice "Some Phones Warranty Only One Day." Secure your hard earned money is worth more time. Many times the seller moving to offer something of a "personal" guarantee "they will replace your phone if there are problems with it.


Remember the news that many mobile phones were banned because they have the IMEI number? Well, it was true and the action was taken because without an IMEI number and basically phones raised some safety concerns. Of course, the mobile manufacturers rushed to get everything in order and the ban was lifted. However, you never know what other questions have not yet been presented on the phone, and its best to stay away from these phones.

Bad Designs

The mobile phone is one of the many devices in the form factor and themes. Some cell phones cheap does not take this into account and not pay attention to the design, launching devices that seem antiquated and old to downright ugly - as the overall market is looking for devices that have great looks and functionality. This greatly hinders the sales of these devices, because the mobile phone manufacturer can not invest much money in advertising to the phone, these devices end up as the unsung heroes of the market for cheap phones.


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