Friday, September 23, 2011

What You Should Know About The Blackberry Unlock Codes

Blackberry unlock codes are available free or for a small fee. However, many mobile phone users Blackberry has not heard of this information, and therefore need to buy new phones when traveling abroad, or the risk of holding high telephone charges ridiculous. For most BlackBerry users, the release of their phones is often a tedious complex, and a little stronger "bit. But with the information and support, most mobile phones can be unlocked via Blackberry.

Blackberry unlock codes can be purchased or received for free, if you know where to look. Some mobile operators offer customers, including the unlock code at the point of sale. The only problem is that the code will, under certain conditions, such as having an active account and maintain a good payment history of several weeks or months. To avoid such circumstances, you can buy the unlock code, which is most Blackberry users do. However, there are places to get free.

What you should know about the Blackberry Unlock Codes

Each contains a specific mobile Blackberry, called the 15-digit IMEI number. This number is used to unlock the code on the device. Since each is different Blackberry model, the IMEI is found in various parts of the phone. On some phones, the issue can be found in menu, while all BlackBerry phones, the number is by dialing * # 06 # (star, hash, 06, hashing). Most Blackberry phones have the IMEI written on a slip of white paper / battery.

There are also several types of programs on the market that can be used to unlock BlackBerry devices. It is not recommended because it is difficult to determine what is real and working and what is not and can damage the phone. These programs are launching mobile solutions unlock the phone, Universal Simlock Remover, and many others.

A full selection of websites with information that can help find and use the Blackberry unlock codes are available. In addition, sites with step by step practical information on how to determine if your BlackBerry mobile phone is already unlocked.

Open BlackBerry phones are available but at a higher price than those that are blocked. Visit the shop is able to sell the phone is already open on your BlackBerry. Yet, there is no reason to buy an unlocked Blackberry when you can open it for free. Liberalisation also dramatically increase its resale value.


  1. You can unlock it using the unlock code ,you get the unlock code from here and unlock it....I have unlocked my Blackberry curve using the code purchased from the site....