Saturday, September 3, 2011

What To Buy Smartphone - Android Vs IPhone Vs Blackberry Vs Palm

If you are confused about how smart you buy, so relax, you're not alone. With several new smartphones suddenly the price is certainly a dilemma. iPhone may be cool, but so many people for the iPhone, may also be known as "just another phone." Blackberry has been around a long time and with the launch of Palm iPhone killer ", the competition is hot.

So, what smartphone you should go? The answer to this depends on exactly what your needs. There are several things you can do smart phone - surfing the Internet, using the directions of the compass, use it as an audio or video, play games, take pictures and much more. However, not everyone is going to have all these things.

Recently, a study was conducted to the satisfaction of users of smartphones to the various parameters that were available on their phones. The report debunked that most people had believed - that the iPhone was the best smartphone out there. In fact, the iPhone third place overall in the list based on user satisfaction.

If the primary need is to surf the Internet, send e-mail or checking voice mail, then go to Palm Pre - 86% of users are satisfied with the Pre. You can go to Android if you plan to use GPS quite extensively. An interesting fact is that the iPhone has not led to any number of parameters studied. Perhaps this is an indication of the iPhone to Apple Fanboy away from the mainstream of the club.

Anand Srinivasan Founder, Q & A future buyer of the portal, says that the statistics have yet to be taken literally, since the query does not need to be very representative. Responses may also be influenced by the network compared to current phones. So, depending on where you're from, and reliability of carriers in your area, and what to say about the owners in mobile smartphone nearby, go right.


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