Saturday, September 10, 2011

Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including rumours of a thinner and lighter iPad 3, Ice Cream Sandwich’s launch date and the possibility of THX certification coming to smartphones.
1. iPad 3 to be Thinner and Lighter?
Anyone who has handled an iPad 2 will know it’s hardly a bulky beast of a tablet, yet the latest rumours point to Apple refining the design even further for the iPad 3, aiming to make it even thinner and lighter, while increasing the battery life too. This could affect the pricing, as it’s estimated the production costs could rise by up to 30%. Will they really be able to pull this off without hiking the retail price?
2. Ice Cream Sandwich Coming in October/November
It looks like Google is right on target to release their next version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich – in October or November. Google’s Eric Schmidt confirmed the date, somewhat accidentally, during a recently interview, saying ‘everyone’s very excited’. Ice Cream Sandwich brings together the best parts of Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb.
3. New Nokia Sea Ray Images!

Here’s some new pictures of the Nokia Sea Ray, or Nokia 800 as it has been labelled, which have appeared in some point-of-sale material. Expected to be one of Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 devices, the marketing blurb says the phone will have a 1GHz processor and an 8 megapixel camera. The price shown is an entirely reasonable 329 Euros, or around £270.
4. AVG Releases First WP7 Virus Scanner
Popular anti-virus suite AVG has released the first virus scanner for Windows Phone 7, which combines a safe search feature to help avoid malicious websites, plus a phishing and malware alert too. The app will scan all your files, including music and photos, stored on your device and is free to download from the Windows Marketplace. Right now though, WP7 has no known virus threats.
5. Google Lends a Hand to HTC in Patent Battle
Google has sold some of its own patents to HTC in a move to help them fight the patent lawsuits brought on them by Apple. The patents include those referring to contacts, interfaces and upgrades, and could have come from HTC’s new batch of Motorola Mobility patents.
6.  See the latest Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Ad!
Samsung has added another amusing, but slightly baffling, Extreme Retreat video to its official YouTube page. The video shows a boss taking his employees to a farm, where they can milk cows, pretend to be a scarecrow and most importantly, use their Galaxy tablet.  Provided it’s not examined in too much detail – my, 3G reception in the middle of nowhere is good – it’s a fun watch.
7. MeeGo will GoOn
Intel has reaffirmed their commitment to MeeGo, the mobile OS soon to be seen on the Nokia N9. An Intel VP has said they’ll continue with the software’s development, but are looking to partner with a hardware manufacturer ‘to help shape’ its future.  MeeGo is designed to be used on a variety of different platforms, so it’s possible said manufacturer won’t make smartphones.
8. Sony’s Tablet S Out Soon
Sony’s unusual Tablet S, revealed a short while ago, has been given its UK pre-order date.  If you’re interested in the Android Honeycomb slab, then Sony will be putting it up for sale from 16 September through their own sales outlets. It’s going to cost £399 though, and you’ll only be able to pick up the 16GB model, as the 32GB tablet won’t be ready until  23 September.
9. THX Coming to Phones and Tablets?
The Senior VP of THX has indicated the company’s sort-after badge of quality will be coming to smartphones and tablets in the near future. Speaking to Pocket-lint, he said that as these devices were becoming more important for content delivery, the more he wanted to ‘work with a company…to improve the user experience’. He also hinted this could take the form of an app, but had no information on when THX would make its mobile debut.
10. Nokia’s Essence Headphones are a Tech Delight
Nokia’s recently announced Essence in-ear headphones have some very clever technology inside –they uses a variety of microphones to eliminate external noise and even the sound of blood flowing through your head, all the while ensuring you can hear your own voice when you speak and cutting down on the tendency to shout on the phone! The Essence headphones will be available next month.


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