Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TOP 5 Best Android OS Smartphones In China

Android smartphones becoming more popular, Google Android OS is outside of its main competitor, Apple, and become the second OS Smartphone.

But now, the leading smartphone Android, such as Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson are very expensive, the high price prevented the popularity of Android smartphones. Many fans of Android is not you can afford. but fear. I recommend at least five powerful and good quality of Android smartphone for you. TOP 5 best phones with Android OS intelligent mobile wholesale prices in China Super low

1. Fashion design 3G Android Mobile Phone - Smart Phones Beast + 3.2 inches + WiFi + 3G network, only $ 339.85, All-promising target: 4255

So powerful - The Beast Android smart phone uses Qualcomm 7227 CPU for the perfect balance between performance and price. It's the same processor in the Motorola Android to devour. It supports conference calls between 3G and GSM smartphone and true class features such as WiFi connectivity FIRST! The beast Android smartphone also comes with 256 MB DDR SDRAM advanced mobile (MDDR for short) speed of light fast turnaround so you can take the lowest energy consumption so you can do it any longer. The beast Android smart phone operating system Google Android 1.6 Linux-based operating 2.6.29 kernel. The advantage for you? The chip of the beast is not the regular phone chip.

2. Google Android Smart Phones - 3.2 megapixel camera Support GPS PDA Phone Smart + 624MHz CPU + Wi-Fi $ 299.50; All-promising target: 2530

This is a new mobile phone that comes with Google Android OS 1.6. Why adopt instead of Android 1.6 Android 2.1 or 2.2? Because Android 1.6 is more stable than others. With the design and smooth the surface fashinable, this smart phone has a high speed 624MHz CPU and 256 MB PDA internal storage (which can be used for the program).

The mobile phone supports GPS, slide to unlock, 3.5-inch touch screen LCD, WiFi, G-Sensor, surf the Internet faster, 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera with HD, the multi-media and we will send you a free 4 GB TF card. Is not it attracts your attention?

3. Android 2.1 Smart Phone with Dual Core CPU, WiFi, TV, Java, GPS, multi-touch capacitive panel $ 258.50, all promising product: 2530

Android 2.1 PDA-phone: This is a great smart phones will make the Android operating system 2.1, but the iPhone looks 4 generation, and with MTK6516, 280 MHz, 560MHz dual-core processors. It also comes with a full multi-touch panel, capacitive. In addition to hand-feel and the look feels very good. Android 2.1 smartphone features Wi-Fi, TV, java, two cameras, the G-Sensor, A-GPS, two speakers, etc. It 'really a good choice.

4. Voiceless cheaper Android 2.1 Smartphone / Smartphones with touch screen 3.2 inch + + TV + Wi-Fi 129.85 dollars, while promising article: 4434

5. New Star - 3.5 "Dual SIM Standby capacitive screen Android 2.2 Smartphone with GPS and TV Wi-Fi 218.50 dollars, while promising article: 4434

Highlights: Android Smartphone: Android phone works. Fill in your smartphone all the necessary software to organize and work and play. Quad Band: This phone is open for use all over the world. The phone supports the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Enjoy trouble-free to travel wherever you go. GPS / A-GPS with Sirf GPS chipset, 3 rd generation. GPS + AGPS: Do not get lost! Use the GPS to know where you are, at any time. This system has the latest GPS technology, so as not to miss. Chipset: ARM7 ARM9 460 MHz MTK6516 + 280. Trackpad, easy mobile opeate


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