Monday, September 19, 2011

Think Of A Cellular Phone Prepaid Wireless

You can get offers very cheap phones with Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell. The concept of prepaid won attractive at the present time because of its many awards. For starters, there is no binding agreement for you and support provider mobile phone. You can also pay for your bills up front, which means you get the total time you want to use the network in advance of working with her and then use it as you like, as specified by the prepaid package.

Verizon gives you simple strategies prepaid. His protection around the United States is probably just one of the most effective for now, sees that it is the largest telecommunications company in the country.

Here are four options available to you pre-paid (in accordance with the plans could change your area):

This is the basis of simple prepaid prepaid package you received. Spend a fixed amount for all other calls to the right of the network, which is 25 cents per hour. For any other online network or spend ten cents per minute. Text messages sent and acquired, are 20 cents per call.

You pay based prepaid 99 cents a day to day, using the support. With that, on the other hand, you get unlimited mobile to mobile calls (those on the same network). You pay ten cents per minute on weekends (Saturday 12:00 to eleven: 59pm Sunday) and nights (9:01-5:59). Each contact you to someone on another network, you pay an extra 10 cents per minute. SMS messages are also ten cents a message

In addition prepaid Here you spend $ 1.99 a day per day of use of the service, and you get unlimited calling in exactly the same network minutes and free weekend night, you pay 5 cents for each of the last called a single network and SMS cost 5 cents, so perfectly.

Talk prepaid $ 3.99 per day unlimited unlimited calls to all of exactly the same network, and any internal lines as efficiently as free time and weekends Night Minutes. SMS the only value of just one hundredth of a message.

Refills will end immediately amount of time, and said that. So you buy these refills and uses them to make the mind, when more consideration. It may invest $ 15 refills $ 29.99, which will end 30 days and $ 75, $ 99.99 to expire 180 days $ 31 $ 74.99, which will end 90 days and $ 100, which will expire in year.

So as you can see is a prepaid card, you will not get any surprise charges at the end of the month, and there are, of course, no termination costs. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can simply switch to another operator, or if you can not use the phone a month you will never need.

You only pay for the days when network usage, and no check credit score if you go prepaid. In addition, you will be offered to the entry of a large number of functions for Verizon postpaid customers, like VZ Navigator, GPS services, and V CAST Music with Rhapsody, a streaming service of songs.

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