Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Samsung I8520 Beam - Super Android Cell Phone

Samsung, the world leader in providing world class smartphones, proudly announced its latest invention in the field of mobile communications known as Samsung i8520 beam. The phone is developed with various specifications and delivers exceptional performance for cutting the end users. Enter the details of this new Samsung phone for more information.

Samsung bundle comes with Super AMOLED touch screen that provides excellent quality images and videos, and offers a great experience while watching movies on it. The company has already developed its reputation in providing best featured handsets to customers why they show a brilliant mobile phone for us. The best feature of I8520 Beam is the built-in projector that is still capable of displaying images, videos, presentations and slideshows on a flat screen or white wall.

Most phones come with other brands come with multiple functions, but only those who survived were combined offers something unique for the user. Samsung i8520 Manga is one of those who came to blow the minds of many specifications, such as 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash built-in tools, social networking applications and DNSe (Digital Natural Sound Engine) for audio output HD.

Samsung Beam (Halo) is the best example of the popular 3G mobile phone that offers network connectivity and wireless high speed internet with lighting fast on the phone. The mobile is fully equipped with all the connectivity options, including the latest version of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, GPRS and EDGE. Now, with the help of these technologies, you can download stuff as much as you can very fast speed. Browse the Internet and download music files, video clips and full length films, even in a matter of minutes.

The multimedia part of Samsung's mobile future is simply amazing. Samsung Halo (Beam) is compatible with almost all formats of digital media files that help you to store many files on the phone. A new type of music player installed on i8520 beam producing impressive sound output to flow much better. Since then, the screen of this phone is great for quietly giving comfortable experience while watching videos or movies. An internal stereo FM radio is also included in this phone, so that the user can listen to pieces last longer air.

For users who want to store large files or many animals in their mobile phone, the Samsung beam (i8520) phone is right for them, which has 16 GB of internal space that can be extended up to 32 GB. But in most of the storage space combined high-speed means lower shipping. This phone is totally different from them, as is the accumulation of 512 ROM and 384 MB of RAM, which provides a faster 800 MHz processor

The battery of the Samsung i8520 is just great, offering 630 hours of standby time during the backup operation and 2G mode 530 hours in 3G mode. But in terms of talk time, and offers 14 hours of 2G backup mode and 7 hours in 3G mode. Finally, it is one of the phones best buy this year.

Mobile is expected to arrive in the coming months of this year, a better offer extended.


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