Monday, September 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2

GalaxyS2 Samsung is the latest smartphone from Samsung creation itself. It's official predecessor of the first and original Samsung Galaxy S. The most obvious change in this smartphone is its size, it is thinner than the original Samsung Galaxy. Do not underestimate the size of this smartphone. Although it has been reduced, the developers have managed to get a dual core processor, the function 8-megapixel camera and the ability to record a video full high definition 1080p.

Compare the original galaxy S, which has 5-inch AMOLED Super, Samsung S2 Galaxy, now has 4.3-inch super-AMLED on a screen. It's definitely a big leap in terms of modernization. This smartphone has caused a lot of noise when it was announced by Samsung. "Are you able to compete with the iPhone and other smart phones more important?" is the first question has been asked by many.

When it comes to the design of screens, Samsung is the expert. There is no doubt on this issue. The photos, images or videos that appear on the screen is spectacular. The images are bright, sharp and detailed. This smartphone is perfect for viewing photos and high quality video in HD. Thank you to dual-core processor, the loading speed of this phone is superb. In fact it is so fast that the user will likely experience some delay when using this phone. While the user is smooth and silky. You can run multiple programs simultaneously, and it will not affect the performance of your phone at all. Play exciting games with high demands on graphics are absolutely not a problem for Samsung S2 Galaxy. If you are a casual player, you will be happy with it.

The Samsung S2 Galaxy is light, and you can expect, is great for organizing. At the end of this smartphone is textured, which is a major influence of the user to maintain, it is more. Apart from the rear end of the phone are smooth to maintain. As for the power button and the screen lock function, you can find it on the right side of the phone. And the USB charging port, located below the phone. Unfortunately, this phone does not have HDMI, but it is something you need to worry that you can use the micro-USB port for HDMI output if desired.

This video HD is a stunning smartphone. Clarity of the video that you wrote this gadget is very detailed, colorful and sharp. It is not difficult, you do not feel amazed, or a pleasant time to view the video. Thanks for Dual-Core Processor feature, it is easy for Samsung Galaxy S2 changes very light and fast movement. Not only that, this unit has some very basic tools that you can use the cropping video, add background music and photos.


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