Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Moving Part Of The HTC Touch From T-Mobile

White HTC Touch is sleek attractive design, touchscreen phone, available in four colors black, white, green wasabi and Burgundy. This phone is another standard developed by HTC with a sense of finish that works smoothly without much stress on the keyboard. It reacts strongly when the user touches the desired function to perform. Compared with its predecessor, it is easy to use that is affordable. Apart from its smooth clear display, it supports other systems that expect a mobile user from a telephone in one direction. It has a large internal memory, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, EDGE and GPRS, camera with video installation, polyphonic ringtones and more to meet the expectations of its users want.

The deal mobile phone available with a variety of individual or family plan on T-Mobile stores. It is time to replace your mobile phone to all white HTC Touch, which is elegant with a touch screen, advanced technology and affordability.

Camera and video

The mobile phone is equipped with 2MP camera and a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. It also has a video installation to capture those memorable moments of the events that can not be funny while taking great pictures.


HTC Touch has a fantastic TFT touch screen with 2.8-inch 65k color display and a resolution of 240 pixels X320. Its user can switch 5-way navigation with a finger Touch Flo. The mobile phone is easy to use the device with only 4 buttons except the volume slider, to speak at the end, the camera and the power button.


HTC has a strong internal Memry 64 MB that can be destined to become the standard technology and the phone is expandable through the microSD card slot. EDGE and GPRS technology enable users to transfer data, and the MID of Java 2.0 is a fair load of games. The phone can keep track of calls and unlimited.


The voice quality is excellent from HTC with MP3 and polyphonic 40 channels. FM Radio is very informative when the user is moving. The headjack 2.5 is feasible for music lovers. The phone can be placed on vibration when the user is involved somewhere.

Size and Weight

It is easy to use device that measures 99.9 x 58 x 13.9 mm and weighs 112g.


The phone has a battery life with up to 8 days standby high and up to 5 hours talk time mode.


The phone supports SMS and MMS text messages from the media. XHTML supports to browse the Web on the Internet.

Unique selling points

• Advanced technology

• Elegant design

• affordable price

• Display excellent


• The average quality of the video

• The average speaker


HTC Touch mobile phone is a definite price for the hardware budget. The phone has all the latest gadgets and can compete well with the phones in a contemporary style and design. It is a refined version of the HTC Touch phone. Phone is a device that is easy to use and operates smoothly and gives a great feeling when you touch the screen. It 'still hard to use the device without a keyboard, but it is a good phone for those who want the style of the phone.


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