Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is The Signal? Choosing The Best Cell Phone Operator

In recent years, cell phone use has skyrocketed. Comments and technology columnists have dedicated much of what the phone to choose from. The faithful of the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, Sidekick, etc, are engaged in heated debates in which the line is better.

Relatively little has been written, however, comparing phone carriers. A considerable extent, the phone is only as good as the carrier, which provides the signal. We see here that the evaluation of the carriers and their monthly plans are just as involved as you look at cell phones are made.

Jdpower and Associates indicated that the quality of * all * mobile phone service has become so high and consistent across the board, there was no reason to even just the "phone" anymore. Paradoxically, however, ask one of your friends to receive cell phone horror stories, and have a lot of stories to tell Fireside. JD Power and Associates also notes that customers telephone carrier that has not been resolved complaints six times more likely to switch carriers. And, in fact, this happens all the time. If someone is not happy with your phone, it's easy to get to the next. But dropping the mobile phone service is another matter. The advent of penalties for cancellation of a mobile operator contract worth is largely designed to combat the dissatisfaction of the mobile operators.

Even the arrival of 3G networks, announced with great fanfare, has not calmed down a significant percentage of mobile customers who are unhappy with their carriers. According to comScore Networks, one in four mobile phones to customers are not satisfied with their wireless service provider. With these statistics surprisingly large, it is clear that the technology of cell phone signal is still in his teens. With this in mind, we can now compare carriers.

According to comScore, the Verizon Wireless consistently been ranked the best aircraft in terms of coverage and customer service. Overall, only six percent of clients terminate their service contract.

AT & T / Cingular in second place, behind Verizon. Switches Alltel customers service contract is more likely to stand at 9 percent, while Sprint / Nextel has an even greater degree of dissatisfaction by 11 percent. At the bottom of the scale is T-Mobile, with 15% of customers who want to leave the contract obligations.

But it may be more to this than meets the eye. The study by comScore above is not a specific place and uses the percentage of customers for breach of contract of service as the litmus test of popularity. A survey by JD Power and Associates in fact, confirm that the leader of Verizon, but mentions that this is particularly true in the Northeast, where Verizon coverage is stronger. T-Mobile, with the lowest rating in the survey conducted by comScore, which currently ranks first in the Southwest, according to JD Power. In addition, Verizon also lowest in terms of phones that work in their service, they tend to use CDMA instead of GSM. As a result, Verizon phones tend not to accept SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Module) which prevents their use when traveling abroad. Rate Verizon also ranked significantly higher than its rivals, and although the customer service gets high marks, the draft law tends to be confusing to read.

JD Powers also argues that Sprint has a strong popularity in the south-west, but at the same time, admits that even in the lowest ranks Sprint's call quality. The latter also confirms the statistical survey of PC Magazine. Instead, PC Magazine ranks of T-Mobile is the best price vector, and second only to Alltel plan options available. T-Mobile also offers a wide range of phones and smartphones with GSM / SIM card compatibility enables international use.

Prepaid cell phones deserves its own category as a whole. Virgin Mobile has won the highest marks, just ahead of T-Mobile and TracFone, respectively. Verizon, AT & T, follow in decreasing order of popularity, with poor Sprint / Nextel back in the bottom.

Often, people leave their choice of suppliers will be determined by the phone of their choice. Let me suggest that you might as well look the other way, to find the best provider for your needs and choose your phone from there.


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