Wednesday, September 28, 2011

IPhone5 will be intercept Samsung in South Korea

Patent war between Samsung and Apple continue to take place. After some time the Samsung experience banning gadget output marketed in Germany, Australia and Netherlands, Samsung is trying to strike back. In Australia the Samsung sues behind Apple and accused violating a number of patent technology nirkabelnya. This time, Samsung also are seeking a ban on the circulation of the iPhone5 in South Korea.

reported by, Samsung will soon ask Apple to court instantaneous iPhone 5 marketed in South Korea. the iPhone is a smartphone by Apple, 5 are touted to be launched around October 2011 release. Some even predict the end of September.

Samsung has changed a bit in fact their strategy in order to avoid multiple charges of Apple. One is to change the size of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany and Australia to be 7.7 inches. Samsung Galaxy 7.7 inches this Tab then on display in an exhibition of gadgets in Germany. Nevertheless, Apple Inc. filed a lawsuit to court directly and successfully to ask the Court lowered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 of the exhibition.

Samsung then appealed to the Court of Germany and the turning of Apple class-action lawsuit in Australia where Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been banned before. According to Samsung, Apple Inc. 's iPhone 3 g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone and iPad 2 has broken seven Samsung patent related to wireless technology.


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