Thursday, September 8, 2011

iOS 5 Sent Out to Networks, iPhone 5 Release Just Around the Corner?

The internet is awash with reports claiming that the latest iteration of iOS has been sent out to Apple’s global carriers, a move that if true, suggests an official iPhone 5 launch is nearing.
Apple resource 9to5Mac report that networks set to take the upcoming iPhone have embarked upon wide-scale staff training to familiarise employees with the new OS.
As the new OS is largely tipped to make its bow on the new iPhone many have begun speculating that the hugely anticipated smartphone may also be just around the corner.
According to 9to5Mac, the training mirrors that which occurred prior to last year’s iOS 4 launch alongside the iPhone 4, adding credence to reports that Apple has set the wheels in motion for the big launch.
Interestingly, network staff are also said to be receiving training on perhaps one of the most talked elements tipped to be included with the iOS update; iCloud. If these reports are correct, predictions of an October release for the iPhone 5 alongside the iCloud launch could be more accurate than first thought.
As always, Apple has maintained a well-drilled silence on the matter, but we’ll look to keep you updated with further developments as soon as any official information becomes available.


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