Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cell Phones No Contract Vs. Contracts

Although mobile phones have become the most common personal electronic devices in the civilized world - with about 4.6 billion subscribers around the world - most people do not realize that when they buy a mobile phone is this they are usually really buy access rights to the mobile network service provider. The phone itself is simply a channel through which access to this and it's really only a small part of the transaction. This can be slightly confusing for most consumers who are concerned more with the device itself, but no contract cell phones are available for those who focus more on features of their handheld.

Unlike the contract is not the phone, the vast majority of purchases are mobile service providers such as Verizon and AT & T, often in retail outlets in these names. When a customer buys a new phone from one of these carriers, what they really are for the contract or service plan. This plan allows customers to access the cellular network (without which they have no way of making phone calls - the whole purpose of buying mobile phones), together with the various special options that the plan and the service provider.

The fee for the phone itself is usually free, or at least significantly reduced, and the recurring monthly payments required by the contract are used to subsidize the cost of the phone. For service providers, the phone itself is not important - just a means by which a customer can access their networks, the real bread winner of their business. And what is important for the whole operation is that the client will be allowed to access their network. This is achieved by "locking" the phone. SIM card in each phone is programmed so that only work with the proposed network, to keep the user from using the network of another carrier - a kind of forced.

No contract cell phones, in this case are synonymous with unlocked cell phones - phones that are not tied to a single service provider. This is crucial because many types of phones are unique to a particular network. The iPhone, for example, is locked to AT &Ts; network, and AT & T refuses to release any at all iPhones for use with other networks. But since no contract cell phones are usually purchased by a third party vendor, the typical cost of the total amount of retail.

The advantage is that because it is not already bound to a particular service provider, any type of cell phone so sign up for any supplier of the customer prefers - as opposed to exposure to decision to select their preferred phone or service often preferred another unusual. In many cases, the price of a phone is paid for monthly contract installments, the carriers agreed to unlock a phone for a fee. No contract cell phones, on the other hand, is ready for use with any provider.


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