Monday, August 22, 2011

Walmart's Straight Talk to offer Samsung Galaxy Precedent for under $150 with no contract

Walmart's pre-paid cellular service, Straight Talk, is about to offer an Android device for just $149.88 with no contract. The Samsung Galaxy Precedent looks like it was separated at birth with the Boost Mobile Prevail, even having the same missing flash on the back of the phone. Although the handset is sold separately from the cellular service, it is designed to work on the unlimited deal that Straight Talk is offering customers. For $45 a month, you get unlimited talk, text, web and 411 information.

There is not much information on the phone, and no launch date is mentioned. Those interested can head to the sourcelink and register their email address to get notified when more news comes out. And don't forget to check out the video below, which shows that the Samsung Galaxy Precedent will have Swype pre-installed. Because Straight Talk is a TracPhone MVNO, and the latter uses the networks belonging to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, we''re not sure if the Samsung Galaxy Precedent is a CDMA or GSM phone. What we are sure of is that taking Walmart up on this offer can help keep your wallet fat and you free of commitment. 

source: StraightTalk via Engadget

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