Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Look At Top Rated Verizon Phones And How To Find The Online

This article discusses the day Top Rated Verizon phones. The new year is already an exciting start, as Verizon and Apple have finally teamed up to bring us the sexy iPhone! There is no doubt that the iPhone will be a great success for Verizon. Many people want and buy it when it becomes available in early February.

But even with the iPhone comes to Verizon soon, there are some other mobile phones that deserve your attention. If you are a new Verizon customer, or if you are an existing customer looking to upgrade your phone, look for these top rated Verizon phones to help make sure you find the perfect phone. It also tells you how to find the best deals on Verizon phones online.

HTC amazing - best-selling Verizon Phone

Often referred to as "iPhone Killer", the HTC Incredible is easily the best-selling Verizon phone, a high positive customer reviews to back it up. This phone is the Google Android operating system, which is, in fact, many customers prefer the system over Apple's iPhone. Android also has its own "App Store" similar to the Apple market.

This phone is super fast, as in the use of data networks and easily run applications and functions on the phone. It has all the features you would expect from a smartphone, too, as an MP-8 camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The screen is big and beautiful, while the phone is slim and easy to carry.

LG Octane - option for large users of text messages

This phone is also popular in the Verizon phone, and is ideal for you if you really want to be in good physical keyboard to write text messages, email and surf the Internet. The phone is a bit 'bulkier, and a strong negative impact on the quality of the voice, when you call. However, a driver for the popularity of this phone is its ability to write and text messages.

Droid X - Beautiful lover Big Screen Media

This phone is simply brilliant and beautiful, sporting a large 4.3-inch high definition touch screen. Incredible, also runs on Google's Android platform. The Droid X has an 8 MP camera and video capabilities of high definition recording. If you want a rich multimedia experience for watching videos and movies, is probably the phone for you. It even has an HDMI output that connects the Droid X display any HDTV via HDMI.

The Droid X also has more connectivity features, including the possibility of the phone to a 3G mobile access point, in which five other devices can access Internet access on your Droid X.

Where to find the best deals?

Of course, many people find deals and promotions in Verizon stores and authorized dealers. But they lack even better deals for online stores.

If you are satisfied with the service Verizon and quality, you will definitely want to take advantage of lower phone rates for registration as a 2 year contract. Also, with all the focus and attention to get the iPhone, you can still find deals better than these other popular Verizon phones.


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