Friday, August 12, 2011

BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 Sprint Release Info Leaked

When we saw some leaked pricing info for T-Mobile's launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, we suffered from a bit of sticker shock at its nearly-$300 price tag. Since then, we've learned how some Canadian carriers have priced the smartphone, but with their three-year contracts, we've still been anxious to find another subsidized two-year price to see if that rumored T-Mobile price will be the norm. Some newly-leaked Sprint docs reveal the carrier's anticipated release dates and pricing for the Bold 9930 (the CDMA version of the 9900) and the Torch 9850, and luckily it looks like the Bold will be a bit more affordable.

According to these images, Sprint plans to start selling the Bold 9930 on August 21 for around $250. That's still on the higher end of the subsidized smartphone scale, but psychologically it's a lot easier to swallow than something in the $300 range. It also makes us optimistic that with sales and promotions, it shouldn't be that long before we see the Bold dip below the $200 mark.

The Torch 9850 is supposed to also come out on August 21 with Sprint, fetching around $150 itself. It's interesting that there's a $100 difference between those two on-contract prices, yet the full retail prices of the Bold and Torch are, respectively, about $500 and $450, suggesting Sprint may be more interested in encouraging Torch sales with the greater discounts.

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