Monday, August 1, 2011

Better warning labels needed for cell phones

inadequate warnings labels concerning mobile phones health dangers .the majority of people think cellular phones are safe devices .regrettably, this is far from true .these days a great number of experts are warning us of harmful health aspects associated with mobile devices use .among the issues are potential cancer related risks after long term use of over a decade ,even for a fairly small number of minutes per day (less than 40 minutes absorption ).radiation possible risks are a real worry and dilemma .

this is why the FCC asks that all cell phone manufacturers warn users that a mobile phone radiation level may be perilous if held in the pants pocket. unfortunately cell phones companies are putting this info far from reach in a web page on the company site ,buried in a pile of text a place most of the users are ever going to view .the reason the FCC calls for companies to include this safety warnings is simply because the radiation tests that measure the device sar (Specific Absorption Rate) level ,are assessed not when the phone is attached to the body but with a .6 - 1 " from the body distance .all body checks take for granted that people today take their cell phones in holster and not in pockets .truth be told the majority of people avoid using holster and surprisingly, instead they put the cell phone in pants pockets and shirt pockets subjecting them self to higher radiation levels than authorized by the fcc as safe for use .fcc highest authorized sar rating for any device is 1.6 watt/kg , quite a few products sold today are very near to that maximum allowed sar level .

nevertheless any time you attach this mobile phones to a human being body the sar levels can get higher as 12 times more than if you kept it 6 - 1 " away from the body as it was tested for.this approach puts people in increased danger of exposure and why we assume a far better warning labels needs to be placed by mobile phone manufactures .it is recommended to check online your current cell phone radiation sar level and discover your position from a radiation viewpoint .


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